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Can anyone verfiy this?

Does anyone else have information about a feb. 2003 deployment of US Marines to Colombia?

This article cites only "reliable sources." Has anyone seen other reports that verify this?
I hope this helps answer your question 26.Oct.2002 19:34


FWR here...

Before I start, keep in mind that I am a republican, and a conservative, so according to most people on this site I am a cheat and a liar.

With that in mind, I am an ex-jarhead. The marine corps to my knowledge doesn't classify its Expeditionary forces into Jungle, Desert, etc. They classify their units like this. If you want your mail to get to you, you state your address like this.
1st squad, 2nd platoon, Charlie Company, 1st. Battalion, 5th Marines. (5th Marine Regiment) ., Camp Pendleton, CA.

Since I have been out they refer to certain units as Marine Expeditionary Forces I, II, III, etc.

When I was in a grunt unit, you could spend a month in Norway Freezing your ass off in cold weather training, then the next month, on Mess Duty at Camp Pendleton Ca, then 2 weeks at the Amphibious Warfare school at Little Creek VA., then off to Panama for a month of Jungle warfare school where everybody gets jungle rot on their feet, then off to Bridgeport Ca, for mountain warfare school, 2 months at 29 Palms California for desert survival training, that is hotter than hell on earth, then 4 months on a battalion landing craft in the Indian Ocean doing calisthenics and running 10 miles in a circle on the deck of the ship with 80 lbs of gear strapped to you in 100 degree heat.

In other words there was no specialized group in the FMF (Fleet Marine Force) at the size they are talking about specifically adapted for one area. (that I am aware of) .However this may have changed..

It would not surprise me that many units are rotated in and out of friendly countries and engage in combined training and combat exercises with the host country's military. It happens everywhere, all the time.

If there are irregular forces(guerillas fighters) in the area, that are hostile, it wouldn't' surprise me that the host countries troops get involved from time to time in fighting these enemy forces. The visiting forces may end up being caught up in this for a time.

In 1977, when Francis Ford Copula was filming Apocalypse Now, during the middle of a film shoot, the Philippine helicopters he was borrowing for the filming where called away to provide close air support for an infantry unit during a ground operation nearby. This doesn't mean that Mr. Copula and Martin Sheen were in the P.I. to conduct CIA Black Op.

As far as Ex-Seals freelancing as hired Mercs, this is not surprising. They get to kill bad guys and blow shit up. There is a 1980 movie called "The Dogs of War". It should be re-titled as "Coup d'etat 101". I recommend it for anyone interested in how a country is overthrown. And the hippie dippy types on this website will enjoy the fact in this case its being done for financial reasons.

Finally, lets discuss this "Hammer and Anvil" or "Hounds to the Hunters" attack plan that is discussed in the article. First I have never heard of anyone planning exactly how they are going to attack an irregular force in field operation, months in advance. This sort of thing is decided a day or two ahead of the mission. For one reason, the guerrillas may not be where you expect them to be. Constant moving and shifting strategy has to be employed in a manner that allows your unit to locate, close with, and assault the enemy by fire and maneuver. This is not something where the details can be planned months in advance.

So, this article, maybe 100 percent correct, but I doubt it...

Good luck!

Thanks for posting, ex-Jarhead 26.Oct.2002 20:29

Not a hippy

Well, I for one agree with a good deal of what's on this site and I'm no fuckin' hippy, in fact I've been in some shit at forest defense actions that you'd probably respect in terms of our level of organization and tactics - basically a protracted guerilla war without guns (our side at least) over control of the road system. I'm talkin' getting chased by helicopters, people almost dying as a result of police actions, that sort of shit.
Second I want to thank you for posting, as much as I may or may not disagree with you over particular political issues, I found your first-hand knowledge to be interesting and educational and I encourage you to keep reading and keep posting.

glad to help 26.Oct.2002 20:56


Its actually FWR (fat white republican) posting.

the sysops have targeted me for deletion on their board without even reading what I right. Not that I blame them, however I have to change identities now with every post.

Anyway, glad to help. Your right we don't agree on certain topics, but someone who was not ranting about some silly eco issue and making an ass of themselves asked a direct and simple question, so I thought I would try and answer it as best I could. Glad you enjoyed it.

Columbian war has already begun 26.Oct.2002 22:21


It is a little known fact that american forces have been at work in Columbia for some years now. There is a very quiet and dirty war going on there now involving american forces.

the war is against the poor and indigenous people of colombia, who are being driven from their land by fascist paramilitary death squads.

the next time one of the right wing complains about all the immigrants coming to the us from across the mexican border, they should ask why the us government continues to support the slaughter and terrorize peasants and drive them north, often to america, where it is said they can find a job and be free.

george bush is in mexico (?) this weekend working out 'security' agreements with the 'leaders' of several central and south american nations. This is going to escalate the war and cause more suffering in colombia and elsewhere in the region.

not so... 26.Oct.2002 22:58

gringo el blanco grandi amigo

The reason we have millions of illegals in this country is because we need the cheap labor, and they are willing to work their fucking asses off to do shit that most Americans either won't or couldn't do.

People told me that people on welfare should be placed in the fields to pick melons, lettuce etc. My point was, they couldn't physically do it. Even if you were in the fields with some 300 pound sow of a welfare mom, and began blasting them in the kneecaps with a 12 gauge for motivation, they wouldn't be able to do the work. It takes months and years to get in the kind of physical condition it takes to be hot sun 14 hours a day pick vegetables.

Second, we need them here because they and their children will move into more legal and reportable types of work as they are assimilated into the society. As this happens they will be working to pay for our Social Security. Someone has to. It now takes 3 people to to support every person on SSI.

The third reason for letting legal immigrants in is that many are Doctors and Engineers. Americans have become like the Eloi in H.G. Wells Time Machine. We are to lazy or stupid, or too busy tree sitting or engaging in some other useless mental masturbation to get advanced degrees in Engineering and Medicine. So we have to Brain Drain the "Turd" world.

So, if you don't like this, then climb down out of the lodge pole pine, and fill up those baskets up with tomatoes, or go enroll in medical school.


part of the problem, identified... 27.Oct.2002 08:33

cat xivcam@yahoo.com

-addressed to fwr-

how can you exhibit a verifiable intellignece in one arena and then profoundly invalidate it the next? you *can't* wonder why your stuff gets composted when you display such blatant ignorance and intolerance for other ways of expression or activism! just posting to indymedia is participating in a form of activism, just as participating in forest activism, whether you like that or not it's fact.

furthermore, your blatant and quite obvious lack of knowledge and clarity regarding immigration, legal or not is appalling, as is your equally prejudiced (read: willfully stupid) statements on welfare and SSI recipients.

finally, i don't feel the need to defend myself in any way by either stating that i am a "professional" in any field or for against state aid, or even if i am active in anything other than posting here. perhaps this is my first post, perhaps not. perhaps i am a republican, perhaps not. i could be your family doctor. it's unimportant. what *is* important is education. spouting opinion *is* mental masterbation, particularly if it is not backed by fact and education. and if you're wondering who is actually going through college for degrees in medicine and political science, or even going, you might consider asking some of the welfare mothers (personal friend: masters in social work, recieving state aid because it's damned expensive to live and there ARE NO JOBS!) or SSI recipients (another friend: debilitating cerebral palsey, achieving his bachelors degree to teach).

Contributions Accepted 27.Oct.2002 15:09


FWR; As a fellow vet, I also appreciate your comments. Like "not a hippie", I am also likely to disagree with some or your views. You will undoubtably get blasted by some here for your viewpoints, but you have a right to your views. You have also shown some sense of humor and civility that some others for whom I've disagreed have not shown. This is a difficult time for some and tempers are flaring up on many forums. As an independent, I answer to no one and try to look at each situation on its merits. In any case, I've said my two cents and will continue to do so.

Cat, what are you rambling about? 27.Oct.2002 18:58


Cat, what are you rambling about?

First, I'm married to an Immigrant. And support a family of Immigrants overseas.

I have no problem with welfare at least in the concept of what it was originally intended for. Since 1996, when they reformed it, the vast numbers of people hopping out of the hammock, and letting it turn back into a safety net surpasses even my expectations.

I thought I was complementing illegal immigrants for the tiring, thankless hard work they do, and the fact that we need them here because the indigenous population has become too lazy do the work that is needed to be done. This is not unique to the US, most of western Europe have the same problem. They have Turks, Poles, and Vietnamese flooding their borders looking to do all those jobs that their grandparents would love to have done, just to put food on the table, but the current generation feels it is beneath them.

Its called Affluen-za When a society becomes affluent, they can afford to hire others to do the work they refuse to do. Basically it's a success story for that society.

I'm sorry, but I don't view a degree in Poli-Sci as being very beneficial to society, and basically neither does society, just look at the job ads, and see how many Poli-Sci positions are out there compared with Accountants, Software Developers, Nurses, Doctors, Engineers, Architects, etc.

Its basically a skate degree that you take just to get a BS under your belt so you can go on to Law school. People sign up for it because it looks interesting, and they know its much easier than a degree the requires Calculus III or Chem. or Physics. At the end of the day, you have a degree that says you know how to talk. That's it.

Don't get me wrong, some people can make millions with this degree and the right talent. Bill Clinton for example, he loves to talk. Mostly about himself. But I would hate to seem him try to do something simple like change the oil in his car, program a VCR, or any other routine day to day thing. He knew is limitations way back, he has never held a private sector job. Ever!

As far as social workers, and drug counselors, these are basically chit-chat jobs. You sit around and ask people how they feel, but take away the government salaries and basically you have nothing. If it were that important a job, the private sector would want people to talk to you. There would be a profit in it, because people would want it bad enough to pay for it, even if they had to borrow the money from their in-laws.

Ok, so the liberals on this website think I am a complete selfish, bastard, who annoys people with my Neanderthal logic, and my unsustainable lifestyle. Some people even think I'm a Nazi.

I'm a not a Nazi, but it doesn't bother me, because I know that nobody has ever had a fantasy about being sexually ravished by a liberal.