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13 Women Reclaim Redwoods

In an attempt to stop oldgrowth logging operations and to raise awareness of the corporate lead destruction of our environment, 13 Women have taken to the branches of 13 trees scheduled for cutting by the The Pacific Lumber Company.
13 Women Reclaim Redwoods...
img19.jpg, JPG image, 426x640

Activists continue to maintain tree-sits in order to block illegal logging and bring attention to the blatant disregard of an explicit court order, or "stay"', issued by Judge Golden in a Humboldt Co. Court, prohibiting logging on all active Pacific Lumber (P.L.)Timber Harvest Plans (THP). P.L. has not ceased logging since the stay was first issued about a month ago.
More than 15 tree-sits are being occupied in solidarity demanding that Pacific Lumber discontinues unsustainable logging practices, such as oldgrowth logging, clearcutting, steep and unstable slope cutting, and the use of toxic herbicides. These tree-sitters are living an average of 130-170 ft. above the forest floor and are supported by a tight group of ground supporters.
As long as Pacific Lumber continues to disregard the concerns of residents and ignore the obvious cummulative adverse impacts of their logging operations, non-violent forest defenders will continue working around the clock doing direct action to bring an end to the destruction of our forests and watersheds.
We need your help!I If you have had enough!...contact us at 707-845-5491 or email us at wesavetrees@ziplip.com
May the Forest be with You!!!

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Activist "Bee", in a tree-sit in the Freshwater watershed
by Lodgepole ?

img03.jpg, JPG image, 426x640

Freshwater has been extensively logged by Pacific Lumber for decades. An analysis on the health of the watershed has shown it to be severly impaired.

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"Mystique" in tree-sit "Merize"
by Lodgepole ?

img08.jpgo59285.jpg, JPG image, 640x426

Merize is in the upper Freshwater area. It was errected overnight right above a log deck in full view of the logging operation.

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Two women in tree-sit "Open"
by Lodgepole ?

Two women in tree-sit &qu...
img22.jpg, JPG image, 640x426

Open is the 1st tree-sit built in the lower freshwater village. A village is multiple tree-sits in one area...tied together with traverses. There are 3 tree-sits in the lower village.

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Wren and Remedy
by Lodgepole ?

Wren and Remedy...
img24.jpg, JPG image, 640x426

Wren is the foreground treesitter, while Remedy lives in the tree-sit in the background.

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Sunsong in tree-sit "Jezebel"
by Lodgepole ?

Sunsong in tree-sit "...
img14.jpg, JPG image, 426x640

Jezebel is the 3rd sit in the lower Freshwater village.

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Boomer and Jezebel
by Lodgepole ?

Boomer and Jezebel...
img18.jpgp59285.jpg, JPG image, 640x426

Here are 2 of the sits in the lower freshwater village, Boomer, a giant Douglas Fir (left), and Jezebel an enormous Redwood (right). Remember that the picture is taken at 150 ft up. These trees are massive at the base of the trunk! Please help! 707-845-5491 wesavetrees@ziplip.com

phone: phone: 707-845-5491
address: address: P.O.box 28 Arcata, CA 95521

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Right there with you 21.Oct.2002 01:01

GECO geco@green.net.au

You ladies ROCK. Here in East Gippsland, Australia, we are fighting for the same cause. Our old growth mixed species forests including rainforest species are being felled daily. Over the past 8 days we have been able to stop logging for 6 by connecting tree sits to the logging machinery. Police search and rescue have removed the tree sitters and now the loggers are camping with dogs next to the machinery making it impossible to cable it up. We will continue the fight to end old growth logging here in Australia for as long as it takes and wish you all out there a happy ending to this dustruction. Our support is with you. LOVE GECO

growinghomes.com 21.Oct.2002 04:13


that being an oregon venture I am sure I am preaching to the parochy but hey, melbournians and all the world will show up to anthing worthwhile . .. .

by P.J.Wilkin

In a Nutshell: If cuttings struck from the same young tree were planted closely together in a circle and their advancing shoots woven into a sort of large upside down basket as they grew, the stems would graft together as they thickened and an artificial hollow tree could be produced. As time went by all the little holes between the stems would fill in with new wood to exclude the elements, making the tree ready for habitation.

It is every sane person's desire to minimise whatever detrimental impact they have on the Earth, and even to contribute to its beauty and glory if at all possible. This web page outlines an idea which I hope may give some people the opportunity to reduce this impact to nearly nothing, while enhancing the leafiness of their environment at the same time.

The idea of living architecture has been explored to some extent in fantasy and science fiction, Harry Harrison's West of Eden trilogy for example, but there was always mentioned some hypothetical genetic manipulation or mutation to achieve that result. I believe (And Geoff Hyde, a plant physiologist friend of mine at the University of New South Wales agrees with me on this) that certain species of tree which already exist in the world lend themselves admirably as subjects for the technique that I propose here.
No genetic manipulation will be necessary, but a careful and sustained application of skilled craftspersonship in the handling of the developing shoots certainly will be. It will require a degree of experimentation to perfect the technique of growing rather than building houses and other structures, and to reap the various rewards of this. Because of the diversity of the climates to consider and the variety of potential species to be discovered, it is an experiment best carried out on a number of fronts by as many people as possible who want to give it a go
It is not the sort of experiment that requires a laboratory, unless for expedience's sake you choose to propagate the hundreds of saplings required for your house using tissue culture techniques. (You'll need to do your own research there, or if you are lucky perhaps you can enlist the aid of a local plant nursery, though this will cost money.)
To begin you will need a sunny patch of land with good soil and adequate drainage, and a young specimen of tree that you know will graft to itself readily, can be propagated by cuttings, grows fairly quickly and vigorously in the area where you live, and does not have very large leaves, as these will get in the way when you are weaving the young shoots together as they grow . ..

cont...Visit Peter J. Wilkin's website to read the complete article, an excellent in depth view of the possiblies of botanical architecture.
Growing Home writings from Australia

a fine song 22.Oct.2002 04:12


In wonder why I feel I'm in the sky forever fly. ..