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BD Death Trip by B. Meade

Bush Daddy Death Trip: It'll be the end of them!
My Daddy said that the dummkopfs of Bush Daddy Tribe have put off the day of reckoning in order to bring near a reign of terror (Amos 6:3). Meanwhile the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Media (NAZM) is trying to convince you that this "cool new educational product", Bush Daddy's illiterate kid has a brain. Why don't they just try to prove he is President (24603)? How do you know the Supreme Court is not full of dummkopf Nazis too (208762)? They could just put another dummkopf in the White House. If it is not the Justices, it's probably the Clerk's Office, for the lawlessness continues unimpeded (Hab. 1:4; 25099, 37604, & 40212). Did reform school graduates staff the Clerk's Office at half price? I wonder if anything came of my suggestion to disarm Secret Service that I included with my DC IMC post last week (DC Id=35017 & 35043). Why do they need a gun to babysit Bush Daddy's illiterate kid? I also asked if there were Nazis shooting Nazis down there and why there was so much publicity in an area that has thousands of gunshot victims every year. Were they sacrificing some of their own for BDT everywhere (204463)? The shooting of FBI Intelligence Analyst, Linda Franklin makes me wonder if she was investigating Storm Trooper computer crimes or something like that. It also makes me wonder if the FBI is sacrificing some of their own. If Linda Franklin ever worked for the U.S. Park Police or the U.S. Capitol Police, I probably met her, and I believe that she is still going to shake the foundations of the earth (Is. 24:18; Rev. 12:11; 14:13; Dan. 12:3). Rest in peace fearless one! Speaking of computer crimes, Cornell is probably bragging that they have the best computer hackers on earth. Since computer hacking requires extremely low intelligence, flunk-outs, drop-outs, and leaseless apartments abound in this town; thus I expected BDT to start sacrificing their computer hackers, blaming everything on them or trying to get you to pity their stupidity. Instead the dummkopf Nazis of BDT have probably made the mistake of their lives in shooting Linda Franklin. The great falling away from BDT has probably started (2 Thess. 2:3); and this sniper spree was probably BDT killing those who tried to quit BDT. This Bush Daddy "death trip" probably backfired when they did more than attempt to "bring near a reign of terror". They brought it home! Do you think that one stupid sniper, backed up by sissy wimpy punk rogue police and the NAZM can instill terror by killing people whose personal history can be concealed? So what if there is no valid investigation forthcoming! Since it is probably obvious who supports BDT and this "reign of terror", it will probably end with "Bang! You were a criminal!" (115043, 136536, & 203337)

In the end we will probably find that it is convenient that BDT has based their kingdom on the stupidity of sissy wimpy wormy Bush Daddy (206845). Since BDT believes that they can conceal that they have set a trap for their own lives by listening to Bush Daddy (Prov. 1:18), BDT continues to lawlessly persecute innocent people on the basis of falsehoods (Is. 28:13; 29:21; Prov. 12:13; 189161 & 199656); thus I posted copies of the "Heart of Israel" in Collegetown a few days ago (198448). Bush Daddy claims that the Cornell Police promptly went and stole the "Heart of Israel"; thus there are probably punk rogue police ready to blame Bob, contending that the sexualized version of 666 in the "Heart of Israel" could not possibly save the gays from AIDS, a "virus" that has never been proven to exist. Of all the pits and snares that BDT has set to catch men (Jer. 5:26), the most obvious is the one for my friend, "this guy" who lives over a bar (205618). For those on the brink of kidney or liver failure, going down to the bar, is going down into the "pit" (Is. 42:22; Ps. 35:7); thus the defective goosesteppers of BDT prey on drunks, buying them drinks thereby feeling that they are doing God a favor by fulfilling the disdain towards alcoholics expressed in Protocol 23 (Mic. 2:11; John 16:2). Was "John Barleycorn" a Zionist? This "pit" and all the other traps of BDT are sustained by the continuing concealment of the stupidity of Bush Daddy, his kid, and the rest of BDT. How long will people continue to put up with Bush Daddy's contention that he is too modest to talk about his nonexistent achievements? Or that he is too busy, concealing his stupidity to talk to anyone? Bush Daddy and his kid are synonymous to the emptyheaded puppet rulers of the Third Reich (174299), and their lifetime pursuit of stupidity is concealed by NAZM-created illusions. Bush Daddy kid's quick reversal on "ballistic fingerprinting" probably won't help the lawless ones of BDT either, for BDT has stupidly bragged about capital crimes such as chemical-mongering, abductions, etc. What good would ballistic evidence be in a case where some "body" had confessed to crimes worthy of death? "Why are you defending this confessed criminal?" The duplicitous nature of the two-faced BDT will assure that the Bush Daddy death trip turns their own tongues against them and helps to gather BDT to the grand finale that they have unwittingly embraced (Ps. 64:8; Mic. 2:12; 179472 & 198448). After having made manifest a "Concealed Holocaust" from the "closet" (35206 & 171618), BDT has probably brought the "Dwelling of Violence" (44378) back on their own heads with this "death trip"; thus they will probably be "first in line" to melt their guns down and beat their swords into plowshares (Is. 2:4; Joel 3:10; Mic. 4:3), for this "death trip" was BDT getting in line for their own death (Prov. 11:19). Bush Daddy's stupidity will prevail (128276)! Study War No More!

PS: BDT had better hurry up and confirm the nature of their "dumb sun god" before they end up worshipping the "rising sun of Japan" or something like that (Ez. 8:16).

10/19/02: BDT is really obsessed with macing me wherever I go, it seems. They seem to think that the second degree burns of mace are a joke. Maybe they will get the chance to prove how harmless that stuff is in Hooterville.

The Cornell Sun had an article this week about a student whose E-mail was hacked while he was typing it. The student tracked the hackers to the United Kingdom. I bet the local hackers are covering the UK while the UK is covering this area. Hackers are alerted to any targets via chat room windows or signals on their computers. This also explains why I am always being blocked from posting on UK IMC by hackers on line 1113.

10/20/02: "Bush Daddy Death Trip" (210359) is inaccessible today due to "poopheads in the works"; thus I repost with the following: That there in the "Heart of Israel" is not a number! It is a Bi-Gay Bi-Gay Symbol, with a fairy, a butch dike, and a bi-gay gay, a queer queer boy! YaknowhaImean? Marion Barry, "Mayor for life of Babylon on the Potomac" could have taken that Symbol and run with it, and he would have been the most powerful person on earth. He is the Cyrus (Is. 45) wannabe hasbeen, who could still make manifest the signs and wonders that will make him the equal of Colin Power as a Mid-East power broker for the poopheads of BDT. I could have sworn that Barry said "Let the foundation be laid"; plus he is chummy with Muslims, will help get "house" construction underway in Jerusalem in no time. Barry will be able to lead BDT much better with a Great Dead King and show the world that the godless pack of Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots that Bush Daddy has gathered for him are more than enough to assure that prophecy gets fulfilled.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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Why is this posting allowed? I know, anti-Semitism is tolerated on this website