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A thank-you to Clamydia for direct action on 9-20-02 2:45 AM

Long Hot Seige Broken by Direct Action
This summer we experienced record breaking heat. Of course we have been saying pretty much the same things since the early 70's and before. With temperatures reaching up to a hundred degrees on several days and with coinciding smog alerts, it was hard to decide whether to leave the windows open in the house as I slept or whether to shut them. The descion really became one of necessity. The windows had to remain open.
After the Bush protest the use of sirens in my neighborhood rose unbelievably. Police sirens would wake me up 3-4 times a night. At 2:00, at
2:30am, and 3:30. As I lay suffering in the heat, my sleep uneasy with heat and dirty air, the police sirens seemed to take on greater significance. At first I discounted what was going on. I really was not going to jump to conclusions about what was happening. I do not believe that police are all inhumane bullies. I have had friends who were police officers who have been wonderful people. Like me they were stuck in a bad job and were curious as well about spirituality and herbal medicines. We would swap stories of being waiters and working in resteraunts. I don't believe in judging somebody based on the job they have. That being said, it makes since that I would not turn around either and declare that all police are out there to protect and serve as their motto denotates.
Clamydia is a fine human being. He is extremely sensitive and intelligent. I would often talk to Clamydia about the excessive use of Police Sirens I was hearing in the neighborhood and he as well was noticing the same thing. Both of us were frusterated. We talked about our options. We both were complaining about our disturbed shortened rest. We had to do something about it. We knew that we could not go to the police station and file a report. It would be equivilant to calling the KKK and ask them to look into racial profiling within their organization. Walking up to a police officer on break and discussing this topic would produce about the same results. Nothing and they would watch me. See, about this time the evidence was indisputable. The police had laid seige to our neighborhood with noise pollution and were abusing us with sleep deprevation.
Then the incident played out on 9/20/02 at 2:45am. Clamydia was up being unable to sleep due to the extreme noise pollution. When Clamydia flipped of the police officer we did not know it was the way to deal with the police misconduct. Clamydia knew his rights and he stood firm on this issue. The police officer obviously thought that he had him tagged as a drunk or drug addict. He even called for back up. When the police officer threatened to Jam him up, Clamydia responded very simply at this point and inquired if it was a threat. (If you want his account please see the archives.) After a bit Clamydia demanded his badge number and name. The police officer would not provide this information. This is against Portland Law. Clamydia asked at least half a dozen times for this information which was not supplied in front of witnesses.

After that day the neighborhood became quiet again. I started being able to sleep soundly with happy sweat lodge dreams again. At first we couldn't believe it, it seemed to soon to say. Then it seemed we shouldn't say anything as if it might jinx the situation. But then it was so evident that it had CHANGED that we felt we could celebrate it. It was hard to celebrate it at first because Clamydia knows his rights as an American Citizen. He knew that for doing so, his body might be found somewhere, or that he could end up in jail for ten years for assaulting a police officer, or crowd the jails as so many do being a "political prisoner." But it is O.K. to celebrate successful direct action.

I remember thinking that Clamydia should not have done that, and I recall Clamydia even stating that what he did was a bit immature. That is why I am writing this peice. Because small acts of civil disobedience can lead to great changes no matter how immature they may seem to the public at large.

A quote from this weeks edition of the Willamette Weekly.

This was included in a Portland police officers official police report
in 1992, "I wasn't dealing with a bunch of stupid niggers." -Officer Brad Bailey
original story 20.Oct.2002 13:19

dug through the stacks

Portland Police Bullying/Threats at 2:45 AM 09-20-02

From the open publishing newswire: "At approximately 2:45 AM on September 20th, 2002, I was walking around the corner to the Plaid Pantry next to my home. I heard a Portland Police patrol car coming up the street with sirens blaring and lights flashing. I was angered by this because police in our city routinely use their sirens for no apparent reason other than to relieve boredom while en route to a call. This is completely inappropriate at 2:45 in the morning, when most people are trying to sleep. On numerous occasions my sleep has been interrupted by this problem. As of late, the police presence late at night seems to have risen considerably in my neighborhood, and I believe that it is nonsense, considering the fact that every time I see somebody pulled over on the road at this time of night there are at least four patrol cars, usually more, on the scene. This is unnecessary, and the manner in which they conduct their business is becoming a nuisance in my neighborhood. Because of this, and because I am a free and autonomous individual who wishes to exercise his 1st amendment right of free expression whenever the opportunity to do so may present itself, I chose to 'flip off' the patrol car as it sped past. After doing so, I continued into the Plaid Pantry. I walked inside and waited at the counter for the cashier to get back (I believe she was in the back room stocking the cooler when I walked in). As I stood there, I saw what I assume to be the same patrol car pull in to the parking lot from the opposite direction in which it had been originally headed (I assume that when the officer saw me flip him off, he flipped a U-turn and came back). The officer got out of the car, and entered the store. He walked up to me saying 'Hey, dude, what's with the finger?' at this point he grabs my arm 'Let's take a walk outside.'" [ Full story ]

about the seeming increase in siren use 20.Oct.2002 14:46


i was going to post how some people who hang out around the area of West Burnside--nearer downtown--have noticed that there are fire trucks that are running up and down the streets a little more than in the past. i've noticed them drive around myself; up and down, south to north and back. though i don't know the relevance of such a fact, oftentimes there are a couple of 'undressed' firefighters on board who'll just be in pants and t-shirt, no jacket, but maybe this really doesn't matter.

where i live i see truck #19 (number is on the back-left of the firetruck--#3 rolls around downtown if i can remember correctly) all the time, up and down Burnside. sometimes the lights will just be on; this is usually after the sun goes down. the sirens will be run during the day sometimes. i can't say what calls if any they may be answering. i was going to call around but decided to not worry about the siren and the ever vigilant trucks.

i was thinking at one point, maybe it's something to keep people "on edge" which would allow that fear that *someone* seems to be trying to program--with the help of 6 and 7 nights a week "crime show" programming--USA network (TBS is the "cowboy" station) and CBS--and of course news--into people to take root making the people react like little scared bunny rabbits (or my neighbors cat).

uptown, i don't hear as many "fire trains" rolling around as i do downtown. i describe a fire train as a processing of rescue, ladder and marshall vehicles with full audio-visual accompaniment.

as well, i've noticed at least 3 times over the summer (once around the time when it was being reported that some local lady went to her job with a gun) a police fire train rolling down the expressway parallel to the Willamette in the late afternoon time. they were moving out too. it was some "armoured-looking" vehicles and some cruisers and whatever else.

anyway the sirens are very annoying. i noticed about 3 weeks ago in the Oregonian that they had fire calls/responses listed in the paper. i'm too lazy to investigate, but i'd like to know where the hell the fire is w/ regards to all the sirens. someone stated that sometimes the fire department will have response drills, i don't know if this is the case.

the simplest thing to do would be to call or walk by the fire house where an engine might originate from and just ask the folks there about it.

as for police lights-sirens, sometimes they do use them for the supposed psych-effect. one time i was being tailed by a punk as pig who followed me through a township until i got back into his jurisdiction. i was stopped @ a red light and he did nothing but he hit the lights when i got the green. i just drove until i got to a convenience store parking lot and parked. long story short--pig draws glock as i emerge from car, pig asks me to return to car, comes to car to retrieve keys and me, *tries* to "force" me to put my hands on top of car and i brace and tell pig that he doesn't have to use such force, pig backs down...later more pigs come, pigs say i "fit a description" and older male pig tells me to stop jawing or he will take me in, i listen to pig radio give description of which i didn't fit, pigs ask me to understand that they are just doing their job, i just laugh and say whatever.

uh, i like *real* pigs--the porcine kind--but not those fascist ones.

A bit of helpful advice 21.Oct.2002 01:56

anonymous or made up, feeling worse for wear

Well, nobody likes being deprived of sleep. It's maddening, and that is why professional psy-ops people have always used it as a "Breaking Down" factor for centuries, right on down through the National Socialists in Germany, the Communists in the USSR, and the many evil puppet states of our own Evil Empire today.

I work nights, sometimes 12 hour shifts that end at 6 AM. It's a living, as they say, and, well, to be blunt, there aren't a lot of jobs in this fair port right now, and that one pays OK, so...I just deal. Mainly with deafaning trucks and children and dogs and Can Zombie Safeway Carts and everything else that goes on in the middle of the day.

One very effective way of blotting out loud sleep-disturbing noise that you have no control over, especially in an open-window or ultra-thin wall situation, is white noise. A fan works OK, but one thing that I read about works really nicely : Get ahold of a cheap Casio SK-1 Sampler. They litter flea markets and thrift stores everywhere. Sample in some favorite white noise sources, like TV static or whatever, run the mess through whatever fiters you want, lowering the octave if you need to, and just run it through the cheapest little practice amp in the house. It works, I guarantee it, and though it might have elements of capitulation in it, essentialy, given the political bias of the audience here, it does enable you to have the sleep to get the energy to pick your battles.

to anoymous or made up 21.Oct.2002 02:23

migratory bird

I appreciate you sincere suggestion. What you did not pick up on was that it was often close to 80 degrees at night. Of course I was running fans throughout my house day and night on Salmon friendly energy. I, as well have worked grave yard. I understand your point. But a sudden loud peircing of the silence can not be covered up because it is meant to be used as a emergency device. Not frivolously.

Also I have not noticed the fire trucks but I was aware for two weeks of military looking helicopters flying frequently in my neighborhood in the afternoons. Speculation on them is usually dismissed as military trainings. On the news I heard on of those over a million dollar miltary training sessions ended up in our overpolluted river. They reported it as "No one was hurt." What about the river, the salmon, the people who swim in contaminants left by debris? Just a thought.

I am an advocate of direct action. In Buddhism it is against the basic principals to hurt others through violence. It is also against the basic principals to hurt yourself with violence. So why did Buddhists Monks set themselves on fire to protest the Veitnam war? Because it was not violence that motivated the monks but extreme love for all creatures. Recognizing love and empowering ourselves not with ego but with love can lead to great acts of courage. I can not say whether this was true for clamydia. What is true for one organism is not the truth of anothers.

Way to go! 21.Oct.2002 08:10

Relatively Exact

I have to admit that I, too, thought Clamydia went a bit over the edge in his reaction to the siren-blaring police car and his response to the officer who came back to try to intimidate him, but hey....if he got a positive result, I guess I owe him a salute (and perhaps even an apology).

All's well that ends well, I suppose. Way to go!

just a clarification 21.Oct.2002 15:37


I believe that (although it is written poorly) according to the Willamatte Weekly, the police "quote" mentioned above was actually a quote from Patrice Lumumba Ford (Ford is one of those "terrorists" our feds bravely tracked down here).

The full quote is as follows:

"The 21-year-old Lumumba told Baily [the cop] he 'should be arresting car thieves instead of picking on him,' adding that 'I wasn't dealing with a bunch of stupid niggers,' wrote Baily describing the arrest."
-WW, Oct. 16, 2002 p25.

This quote is a bit ambiguous, but since it says 'adding that', I read it as 'the officer wrote in his report that Ford told him that "I wasn't dealing with a bunch of stupid niggers"'

In other words, this isn't a direct quote from Ford, but the officer's paraphrasing of Ford's words. So while it is in a police report, written by Baily, it doesn't neccessarily represent his views as the above posting implies.

I shouldn't go to such lengths to defend cops, most of them don't deserve it, but the integrety of this site is important.

he included it whether paraphrased or not 21.Oct.2002 15:58

migratory bird

I see what you are saying. But whether or not he was supposed to be a quote it was written in an official police report. As was stated. If he was supposed to be quoting dialogue then it was misqouted already as a black man never uses the word nigger but niggas. Just like he would never have written the word niggardly he should not have used nigger. They are entirely different words. Also I doubt if it was neccessary to include a quote as of such. I am sure it was a form of gratuoitous police profiling as they have admitted time and time again.

Niggardly Nuances 22.Oct.2002 05:53

a White Nigga

I remember walking out of this beer store once in the poor neighborhood I that lived in at the time, in Texas. This dude and his pals were entering to get their stuff, I was on my way out. The guy, who was Black, goes, "Hey, what's up, Nigga", to ME, but not in a disrespectful or contentious tone of voice, at all. I was pretty much speechless, as I'm about as Irish White Lookin' as you can get...they probably laughed about the look on my face for a while, you know...it was priceless, I'm sure !