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An open leter to left weng Ameraca

My name is Harold P. Deepholler, and I'm sic and tired of you left weng anti gun addvocates geting in the weigh of me and my gun wrights, and all my friends gun wrights to as wel. Eye am a vetren of the Oregun Nationel Gard and a prowd membur of the NRa. So goe to hel if you dont like that, kuz eye dont care.
An open leter to left weng Ameraca

My name is Harold P. Deepholler, and I'm sic and tired of you left weng anti gun addvocates geting in the weigh of me and my gun wrights, and all my friends gun wrights to as wel. Eye am a vetren of the Oregun Nationel Gard and a prowd membur of the NRa. So goe to hel if you dont like that, kuz eye dont care. Eye dont need any coledge edjucation to see wat you and yor cind arr doing to this fine cuntry of hours. It dusnt take a jenious to tell wich weigh the wend is blowing here in Ameraca in regard to the gun situation as to the weigh it stands rite now al akros this fine cuntry. Yu left weng morrons, you stuped head up yor ass, left wing frute cakes are tering thes cuntry into.

Wat yu dont seam to realise is that guns made Amercia free, and gunns ar the oenly chance we hav of stay free. Wat wil yu du amerca, when the Eyerackie commies cum to rape yor dauters?. Wil yu hit them over the hed with yor water pipe?. Yor white whine and crosants woent proteked yu from Sadom Whoseign and his minniouns of muslin deaf. Yor fancy werds and high brouw atititudes wont du yu one damdeble bit of good when the shit hits the faan heer in amearaca.

Hoow are we goin to protekt ourselfs from the very cind of thing wat is hapening in Warshingtun Dc rite now with these dark skined terorists snipers if we dont have ourselfes protecded bye and fore guns?. Hou du yu think this cuntry was won away from those englesh fagots?. It was with gunns, THAT HOWE!!!. And now yu want too tern aroun and giv it all to Sadom Huesane and hes frenids in the Alkaeda terorism situation netwerk. GETT A GRIPP!!!!.

Eye hav forty 8 gunns en my colection and every one off them is loded and redy for acshun. Eye hav a fifty calubur with a skope on it that wil shoot thru any Allkaeda vehickel that cums down the rode. Eye hav sawd off shotgunns wit bukshot lodes for closed courters worefair situations. And of corse, Eye hav yor medeum 223 caliber rifeles for stret to street fiteing. Eye wil bee the wone you tern too wen yu reelalize that yor lefft weng fantasies wont sav yu from Sodom Huesane. Yu wil cum beging me for gunns wen you se thos brown skkined devels lining up to rape yor wife and yor mothers. Yu wil puond on meye dor and beg for gunns, butt it wil bee too late then, wont it, yu pusy?. Bekause ef yu aint not on the NrA membursheep role rite now, then yu klan sipmly forget it. Yu kan ethter get on the trane beefore it puls out of the stayshion, ore yu kan stand there in the staytion with all the othur left weng asholes whu desided to strip this cuntry of its sitazen armaments and meens of protractable protekshens.

I mite not bee the smarest guy around, but like eye sae, the riteing is on the wal. And if yu cant reade it, thenn yu ar in deep dudu as far as me and meye RNa patriots ar cuncerned. Wen push cums to shuv, wee wil be the ones hue wil bee ther, standeng beside old gloery, the red wite and blu, to protekt and defund this grate and gloryfried cuntry too the last drop of blud. Wee in the nrA wil be the basteions, the bullwerks of amerikan fredom from see to shining see and from Oliver North to thee mexcan suoth. Yu left weng comie pansyies can all goe pound san up yor ases as far as eye am cnoserned. Luv it ore leaf it. Tahts meye mesage too yu tuday, yu egnorant asholes. An ass a last litle bit of wesdome, eye want tue leve yu with the NRa mooto;- "yo kan hav my hands wen yu pry them frum meye cold ded gun!!!.' So fuk yu and the lef weng hors yu rode en on!!!.

Copyright 2002 Loren Franklin -fair use only-
tons of guns 20.Oct.2002 15:11


hey "holler".

i have an associate who says that when the time comes (you know, when things get too "crazy" in this country), he's gonna go get his guns and protect himself from whatever crazies may want to come and harm (or just terrorize) him.

so after the fact that the system has been reckoned the way it has, he wants to go get a gun and hid in a corner of his house, sucking on his thumb when he could have been paying attention to how things have been going in this country since he was a child and decided to do something about it back then.

though it takes us all to 'solve' this problem of approaching social chaos, how does getting a gun after the fact help the problem? what if there are more crazies than one has bullets?

it could have been talk sincerely and ask questions first then think about whether shooting is necessary but as we can see from the US foreign policy rusexample (ruse and exmple) it's shoot first and keep shooting, questioning is irrelevant because we always have the answers.

holler, get yer gun.

Not quite fair 20.Oct.2002 22:18


It's not just the militia/red neck right that wants the possibility of armed resistance, does "Zapitista," and "Warsaw Ghetto uprising," ring any bells? If the left (mainstrean liberals??) makes fun of gun rights, they may be very sorry when the Bush/Ashcroft fascists start rounding up Muslims, Gays, activists, etc. Giving up the right to bear arms when there is a rising tide of fascism in America seems very foolish to me. To those "leftists" who consider themselves to be pro gun control would you ask the Zapitistas to throw down their arms?

hear, hear 21.Oct.2002 00:56

redneck, literate, proud old weirdo

Thank you for that last sentiment. It was so refreshing to see one of the dozens of regulars on this site express an intelligent viewpont like that, in juxtaposition to the childish, typical smears above that tend to dominate this space. Why do anti-Second Amendment Marxists and Anarca-whatevers drop any and all semblance of logic when it comes to this ? Could it be that they have no intelligent argument, and revert to playground level discourse ? Nah, of course not.

Or perhaps screeds like the above serve as some sort of role-play for something that they are forbidden to publicly espouse amongst their peer group, I don't know WHAT the fuck the problem is with some of these knuckleheads, I really don't. Perhaps it's so all-encompassing and pervasive, the signifyers and cues and cliches and dogmas and predjudices and willful ignorances of the modern-day Indymedia Leftist; the stylings and philosophies one must adopt to gain group acceptance and therefore status and it's rewards here, that these people ARE in fact oblivious to their own unwitting self-parody.

Hit the books, kids, especially the ones by people with which you claim to disagree, that's about all I can tell you.

You Idiots Don't Even Recognize Parody 21.Oct.2002 05:02


This original post is a satire of the average REdneck, gun-fondling idiot.

Apparently, some of you geniuses don't even recognize satire when you see it.

As for the gun control issue, personally I don't feel strongly either way. However, if you think that your shotgun will be able to stop the American government if and when it ever comes after you, you are seriously deluded. Ever heard of Waco?

But if you want to test this hypothesis out, be my guest.

Valid Points 21.Oct.2002 07:42


Monty has a good point, all your weapons won't do shit, and if it comes to that point, you won't know who your enemy is anyway. We'll be shooting each other. That said however, I don't have a problems with gun ownership, as long as people know how to use them. No different with vehicles. There are always a bunch of yahoos who can't fucking drive to save their lives and are a danger to everyone else.

What's That Red Dot on Your Forehead? 21.Oct.2002 13:13

Roundup- partial repost

On the second amendment, it reads with some ambigiuty, but the best explanation of it that I have heard, is that it was designed to prevent the government from becoming so powerfull, that it could stifle the will of the people. I haven't fired a gun since my Army days, but I don't really care much if others do, as long as they do so responsibly. But with the kinds of weapons in the U.S. government's arsenal at present, I don't really see how a pea shooter would protect against government oppression.

To regain the balance, access to the full spectrum of weapons would have to be allowed, including nuclear, biological, and chemical. I think this type of access would present some pretty obvious problems. Therefore, the only practical way, that I can think of, to honor the second amendment, would be to limit the types of weapons that ANYONE could have.

Do pro-gun folks really believe that the guns that their buddies and themselves posess could stop the war machine, or do they just like them because they are fun? (note- not a rhetorical question)

Good Point Again 21.Oct.2002 13:32


I agree Roundup. Having also serving in the military, I am aware of the array of weapons available. However, I really don't see the need for some weapons (automatic rifles) whose sole purpose is to kill many people, certainly not for sport hunting. I also would not want anyone to own any kind of weapon. I am still open minded about the right to own weapons, but I personally have experienced my share and currently only shoot arrows.

Depends on what you do with the guns 21.Oct.2002 18:37


It is claimed some assholes with box cutters killed 3,000 people. Who the assholes are has never been proven to my satisfaction.

The Zapitistas have resisted the Mexican govt with small weapons fire.

Even if you can't win I think it's more honorable to go down fighting and take out a few fascists on the way like the Warsaw ghetto, rather than surrender meakly.

To the pro gun control crowd do you really want to surrender your family and friends without without making them pay if we become a full on police state with millions in death camps?
If you think the Bushies aren't capable of setting up death camps you haven't been paying attention to camp x-ray in Cuba, the blatant violations of posse comitatus over D.C., right now, the Muslisms who have been disapeared,the "patriot act," etc.
If we engage in infighting and allow ourselves to be disarmed we will be easy pickings for the fascisits IMO.

p.s. Palestinians 21.Oct.2002 18:51


I would also note that the Palestinians are making the Israelis pay dearly for their illegal occupation of their land with low tech weapons.

Some day the militia/Libertarian right and the radical/anarchist left will start to realize that the real enemy is not each other but the corporations/state that wants to take every last material resource from the poor both at home and abroad. Will we resist together or hang speraratly? Think about it... And note I say this as a pro-choice, anti racist, anti sexist, anti homophobia, Earth First sympathetic environmentalist, who has participated in direct actions to stop Maxxam at Headwaters (back in the day).

Get off the grid as much as possible and stay alert.

you know... 22.Oct.2002 15:48


You know you've been brainwashed by the NRA when you confuse "gun control" with "gun prohibition". Yes, I've heard the slippery slope argument and it would take hours to write out all the cases for and against it so I won't bother to here. But, as the analogy above correctly relates, we do limit dangerous behaviors in our society. And it takes a lot more effort to be able to drive than to own a gun. While I would be completely against prohibition of guns, domestic firearm policies are something that is open for debate.

As for the second amendment, it's not ambiguous at all in my opinion. Citizens (at that time white men) were allowed to have guns to participate in a militia to defend the country. It was not to protect the people from the government as some claim. Jefferson and some of the other anti-federalists wanted another amendment to the constitution that would have prohibited a standing army. The rationale was that a standing army could be used to oppress the people (they couldn't have visualized the modern police-state). Therefore, in the interest of national *defense* an army could be assembled from the citizens and the guns they owned. That was the purpose.

Of course, as has been stated, having weapons now can not defend you from the government. Cause damage, yes. Defend yourself, no. If that's the road some feel like taking I will not object to it. Be well trained in the use of your firearms and in the laws so you don't get suckered by the COINTELPRO who are just dying for activists to pick arms. Remember what happened to the Black Panthers? And they didn't even believe in armed resistance, just armed self-defense. More points to ponder...

You know, 23.Oct.2002 05:03

you can move that comma around all

that you want in the Second Amendment, but it's meaning was clarified fully by Jefferson and his contemporaries. There is a wealth of information on this subject, but the 3'rd edition of "Answer Me!" had the best collection of quotes by these people on why the Second Ammendment was a cornerstone in the bulwark against tyranny that I have ever seen, bar none. Seriously.

re "someone" 23.Oct.2002 12:33


What sort of "limits" "someone"? Again no one from the left (who I consider my self a part of as a pro choice, anti racist, anti homophobia, Earth First! supporter) has answered whether they feel the Zapitistas and Palestinians should throw down their arms? Again these movements show armed resistance to oppressive governments is possible and effective. There are people in our ghettos and rural areas that live at third world subsistence levels like Palestinians and the oppressed natives of Mexcio. Why would we want to wait passively if a massive full on police state is imposed? Remember Jenin.

Note I am not armed at this point, I sincerely hope the non violent tactics of heroes like Martin Luther King and Ghandi prevail and the warmongers and destroyers of our civil liberties recede back into their troll holes through the force of non violent resistance. However, I will not foreclose the possibility of armed resistance if this government attempts to run a full on Nazi shtick on us. If you think the Bushies don't want to stick the poor downtrodden, dissidents, people of color, gays, muslims and other non christians, rural poor, radical environmentalists, and other people who are "different" in domestic camp x-rays you are kidding yourself