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Dead migrant strapped to hood of SUV.

Cochise County sheriff deputies drove the body of a dead migrant woman to their offiec tied to the hood of their SUV two weeks ago!
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From: Rachel Matsuda < rachelmatsuda@hotmail.com>
To:  actionla@lists.riseup.net < actionla@lists.riseup.net>
Date: Thursday, October 17, 2002 6:25 PM
Subject: [actionla] outrage in cochise country!

please take action below!

Not only has the vigilante, white-supremacist group, American
Border Patrol set up shop with a 501(c)3 non-profit tax status
in my home county of Cochise, but some Cochise County sheriff
TIED TO THE HOOD OF THEIR SUV two weeks ago! When I called and
spoke with Carol, the Public Relations person at the office,
she confirmed that the officers, who had hiked in to retrieve
the body, had chosen to put the body on the hood "in hopes
that they would see contacts from the local morgue at some
point". They didn't, and so according to Carol, the body
stayed there until the morgue workers picked it up.

Carol seemed unsure why I or anyone else would think it undignified and
disrespectful to do this. Rather than speak on behalf of those
of you who do feel this way, I would like to encourage you
to take action on your own.

Please let the sherrif's office know that you are outraged at

this action and any other action that does not fully respect
the dignity and human rights of all people!

Call them at:
Cochise County Sherrif
520/432-9500 (a non-emergency number, although many of us can't figure how it could be any more of an emergency!)

If you want to become more involved with the struggle to resist such
actions, please contact South West Alliance to Resist Millitarization
at www.resistmillitarization.org!

Angela Moreno

homepage: homepage: http://www.resistmillitarization.org

HEY, SHE WAS DEAD 20.Oct.2002 14:23

The Black Asp

But when Palistinians do it to IDF Peacekeppers it is concidered heroic

morgue 20.Oct.2002 14:36


I don't see any thing wrong with doing that. what were they suposed to do put the corpes in the front seat?

you obviously have never had to handle a dead body.

at least they took it to the morgue and didn't leave the body out thier for coyote food. but that would be back to nature.

psy-0ps and injun killers 20.Oct.2002 17:27


uh, thanks morgue. we'll just call "the hood" of the car a seat, 'kkkay?

funny who the county is named "in honor" of (and yes, some 'whites' and others think naming places and things after natives is 'honoring' them. whatever. i used to protest the cleveland indians mascot, chief wahoo)

"The county is named after the great Apache Chief, Cochise. Chief Cochise had initially made a peace pact with the white man. This uneasy peace splintered in January 1861, when Lt. George Bascom tried to arrest Cochise for a crime he probably didn't commit."

more on Cochise and native resistance

hmmmm 21.Oct.2002 00:02

clamydia clamydia@mail.com

As an anti-authoritarian, I am always ready to point out and denounce shit that the cops do that is fucked up. However, in this case I'm not so sure. I mean, it SEEMS that they were trying to get the body to the morgue with the resources that they had available. I cannot blame anyone for not wanting to sit inside a vehicle with a dead body that has been sitting out in the heat. It's gross (because of the smell) and it's dangerous (you could get sick). Maybe some more information is needed here. Why/how did the woman die? Why couldn't they wait for a suitable transport vehicle to show up? Was it imperative that the body be relocated right away? There seem to be too many unknowns here to immediately pass judgement on these cops, other than a generalized "Well, they're cops, and that's bad enough in the first place" argument, which doesn't get you very far unless you're prepared for a long-winded philosophy discussion (not that I haven't participated in plenty of those...).

quit trippin and use logic.... 21.Oct.2002 00:26

anonymous and made up (hi RG)

It very well could have been a heat-stroke and/or dehydration-related death, didn't you think of that? and a body does tend to decompose faster in heat and releases the toxins, which were most likely compounded because it's posible the woman did not have an organic diet and had a build-up of metals in the body. So yeah, close proximity to a corpse can be life-threatening in of itself. Hope they had gloves.
(guess what my dad did for a living? ;)

what if she was a white woman? 21.Oct.2002 21:15


I guess the only question I have for all of you is:

What if she were a white american woman? I bet they would have taken great pains to ensure that the body was transported in a respectfull manner. Doncha think?