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compost bin for 10/19

hopefully there'll be no need to use this!
here are the posts that have been composted today, if any (10/15). these posts are sorted to this bin so they take up less space on the newswire. portland indymedia is for people working to make positive change in the world in the struggle againt global corporate tyranny in all its forms, and posts on that theme should not be knocked off the newswire by spam posted up just to disrupt the site. . .

feel free to read and comment to them as you would any other posts.. .if you would like to contact editorial regarding spam policy email editorial:

Indy's double standard 20.Oct.2002 13:58


It's funny that anti-Arab sentiment is not allowed on this website, but postings that pump up Protocols of the Elders of Zion are ok. I guess we know that the left wing still has an anti-Semitism problem on this webiste. I'm surprised it took one whole week for the Israel/Jews/Zionists are responsible for the Bali boming posts to get on this site. Come on you left wing racists, get rolling!

tell it to the hand or "Bobby Meade" et al 20.Oct.2002 15:52

tell it to the hand

what are you up to "DS"?

which is right DS, anti-Arab/Muslim/(semite) sentiment or anti-Isreal/Jewish/(semite)? why does anybody need to be hated?

i thank you for following this posting right to the compost bin. sorry if this comment seems rude.

(i wonder you "DS" ;)