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Atanarjuat - A Myth for Defeating Violence

Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) is a phenomenal and powerful film!
A film based on the Inuit Tribe of Canada; this is a remarkable mythic tale. According to Joseph Campbell myths provide clues to spiritual experience; they teach us how to life live under any circumstances.

The Inuit People live the most simple and basic existence imaginable. Living in the arctic and spending their day searching for food, (caribou and seals) they are about as far from western "civilization" as one could possibly be.

But violence still seeps into their tribe, despite the fact that they face none of the issues that we are currently fighting against. This violence is a malevolent force that seeks to divide and separate them. And it nearly does them in.

Two of the women, especially Grandmother, the Matriarch of the Tribe, are aware of the worsening situation. And one man, Atanarjuat, sets out to help put an end to the violence after he is nearly killed. The manner in which he does so is surprising and heroic.

Grandmother, who remains quiet and observant thoguhtout the story, also makes a strong impact when she speaks up strongly and passionately towards the end of the story. She tells the tribe that the behavior, violence, and killing must end. To help end the cycle she banishes two individuals from the tribe, the two who were responsible for the unraveling of the families.

I loved the collective female/male energy that was needed to deal with the problem. I feel strongly that in order to put an effective end to the patriarchy of violence, women and men must work together. It is clear in the myth how important both are. I feel that this film provides us with a powerful myth for defeating violence.

In Eugene it is playing at the Bijou.
A Wonderfully Boring Movie 20.Oct.2002 07:04


Dear 'peace rebel cunt'-

There is a better movie playing right now called "Paint Drying, Part II."

FYI- The point that is farthest from western civilization is not Two Ducks Fucking, as you specified.

It is Eugene.

A bit of Eduation on the word 'Cunt' 20.Oct.2002 08:46

peace rebel girl

Gram-Gram (Grandmother is this you?)

Have I reached the powerful status of 'Cunt' now?

Cunt is a very powerful word. Contrary to what many think, it is not slang. The word actually has ancient roots and was ascribed to women of great power and prestige. It is a derivative of the name given to the Oriental Great Goddess, Cunti or Kunda as well as the Roman Goddess Cunia, protector of children in the cradle.

Derivatives of the word cunt were assigned to women who held honourable positions. Cunt also originates from many words we use in the English language such as cunning, meaning knowledge and wisdom; cunicle, a hole or a passage, and cuntipotent, to have cunt magic.

Kini is also a word that cunt stems from. It had a dual meaning of blood relation as well as meaning crevice or the Goddesses genital opening from which life flowed.

In matriarchal societies, where women held most of the decision making power in society, women were worshipped and revered for their reproductive capacities. Sacred ceremonies were held in caves with fallopian-like tunnels, womb-like caverns, and streams running through them like the menstrual blood that appeared to be the driving force behind life.


re 'western civilization' 20.Oct.2002 11:02

peace rebel girl

In re to as you say...Eugene being the point that is farthest from western civilization - I'll agree with you there!

Eugene is like no other place that I know of, where there are an impressive number of like-minded souls who cherish the "primitiveness" of life in contrast to being proponents of this "western civilization".

Civilization is another word for ecocide.

Atanarjuat 20.Oct.2002 14:32


The way the Fast Runner deals with his enemy is splendid. It's a story that deserves to be as well-known as anything in the Bible. And once you have witnessed Atanarjuat's naked run for his life across the ice, you will not forget it.

The filmmakers have taken great pains to present a traditional, pre-industrial way of life. The technical challenges of filming in that environment must have been formidable, but you would never guess that from what you see on the screen. Although, considering these folks have for centuries been managing to do everything else there, why not make movies, too? (At the very end of the film, during the final credits, the crew present a few shots of themselves during the filming. They are clearly not traditional, pre-industrial people, but unlike some others, they still value their past and hope to learn from it.)

One caution: If you are the sort who think that all films with subtitles are automatically boring, don't even bother. If you whine bitterly when forced to watch anything that doesn't center on a domineering white male shooting people and/or randomly fucking women, spare yourself. The rest of us can do without you in the theater.

willingness of men to listen 20.Oct.2002 15:37


i know some hardheaded guys out there who think they know everything OR are so scared that others will think that they don't know much (or aren't "man" enough) that they can't just step back and look/listen/hear the voice of reason, especially if it comes from a younger male or a, *gasp*, woman.

ego transcending is key for a lot of males in my view. for instance, i have an acquaintance who has a great mate who gives him more than enough chances for them to work together in the relationship; she's not "domineering" but he just won't meet her halfway it seems--she always has to forgive his sorry inconsiderate ass. he has good qualities--he is a caring person, but he just can't get out of his world and join her in a shared one. i digress.