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Franken-Wedding Puppet Making

The puppets are nearing completion and the wedding invitations are being addressed!
Franken-Wedding Puppet Making
Franken-Wedding Puppet Making
Portland - NWRAGE and other local activists continue the process of puppet making to affect social change. So far two of the puppet heads are complete and three more are in various other stages of completion.

"I think Safeway is in for a big surprise" stated a NW RAGE member. "Once these props are finished, we can move our ceremony from city to city. Everybody loves a wedding."

The puppets will enact a mock wedding, marrying the CEO of $afeway and a giant ear of biotech corn. The FDA and Monsanto will also be in attendance.

This event is part of a National Week of Action against genetically engineered foods. Along with the planned Franken-Wedding, more than 100 other actions are scheduled to occur in opposition to $afeway's choice of genetically engineered ingredients. More information on other actions across the coutry is available at www.truefoodnow.org.

Anyone intersted in helping with the wedding can contact NW RAGE at 503-239-6841. Another puppet creation night is scheduled for Tuesday at 1421 SE Stark, on October 22 at 7:00PM. Volunteers are welcome.

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwrage.org
phone: phone: 503-239-6841
address: address: 1421 SE Stark