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Gordon Smith in Portland Oct 21

Gordon Smith will be on his "Road to Victory" visiting Portland on October 21. We should greet this warmonger/anti-Oregonian.

Mr. Gordon Smith wants to stay in Washington. He is having too much fun there. Living off the money he receives from deforesting Oregon, breaking unions, putting Oregonians out of work and sending the jobs to countries that pay a couple dollars a day in wages. Mr. Gordon Smith sees himself as another Jimmy Stewart. He's going after the senior/conservative vote. He thinks these people are stupid enough to ignore the fact that he is goose stepping to the Prbush regeime. He calls his campaign the Road to Victory. See below for his schedule. We should be there to greet him. We should show him how much we appreciate his last visit to Portland where he pepper-sprayed babies and seniors.

To see a PDF version of The Road to Victory, go to http://www.gordonsmith.com/media/PDF/newsletter,10-16-02.pdf

Here is propaganda from his campaign:

JOIN GORDON FOR MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON! Join our own Mr. Smith (Gordon, that is) at a special showing of the 1939 movie starring Jimmy Stewart. Tuesday, October 22 at 6:30 p.m. at the Valley Theatre. Call 503/968-1665 for more information.

COME SUPPORT GORDON AT DEBATE RALLIES! Monday, October 21st at two locations. Downtown Portland: Pilsner Room at Harborside Restaurant off Naito at 6:45 p.m. Clackamas: Monarch Hotel at 6:30 p.m. Call 503/968-1665 for details


This month, Gordon will be stepping up his work with Oregon Victory 2002 in an aggressive statewide campaign to aid Republican candidates. His efforts will build upon ongoing fundraising, voter identification, get out the vote programs, and literature distribution. These and other grassroots activities will be coordinated to bring the greatest benefit to the most Republican candidates across the state.

Gordon led the fundraising effort to ensure Victory achieved its goal of $1.3 million to support the fight to re-elect Congressman Greg Walden, elect Kevin Mannix Governor, re-elect Republican majorities in the State Senate and House, and support Republican nominees for Congress.

"With such a short time before Election Day we need to work together to get out the vote for Republican candidates," said Gordon. "As we coordinate our efforts to voice our message of reducing taxes, creating more jobs in and out of the city, improving education, and protecting the livelihoods of those who depend on our natural resources, we set an example of leadership and effectiveness for Oregon."

For the last few weeks before Election Day, Gordon is inviting candidates and supporters to join him as he travels the state on the "Victory Bus on the Oregon Trail." See you there!

I don't think... 20.Oct.2002 06:59


I don't think it will be much of a problem for Gordon Smith to get re-elected because he gets a lot of votes from conservative Democrats. However, I don't think Kevin Mannix can win though...

Bring your signs, noisemakes and grandparents 20.Oct.2002 07:32


Bring your signs, noisemakes, and grandparents. Nothing like senior citizens protesting Smith's plan to "Enronized" Social Security. The Senator has also earned a big ZERO on environmental issues, and supports the Bush/Ashcroft assault on civil liberties. SEE YOU THERE!

Your Life Sucks: Now Get A Life 21.Oct.2002 00:58


Gee, whiz.