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History: Corporations and Theft of Human Rights (broadband and 56k inside)

The amazing -- and virtually forgotten history -- of how America's founding fathers had a very different vision for rights of corporations. A summary of the program can be seen in the article. (article 1)
History: Corporations and Theft of Human Rights (broadband and 56k inside)
History: Corporations and Theft of Human Rights (broadband and 56k inside)
History: Corporations and Theft of Human Rights (broadband and 56k inside)
History: Corporations and Theft of Human Rights (broadband and 56k inside)

Thom Hartmann has just published a fascinating book: Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights. He was interviewed by Mike McCormick (Mind over Matters radio show, KEXP FM) in Seattle on October 5, 2002. Some of the points discussed include:

  • the Boston Tea Party was not a revolt against England, as it's taught in grammar/highschool, but rather, the first anti-corporation protest a la Seattle/WTO 1999; the East India Company forced the King of England to drop taxes on the corporation, hurting merchants in the colonies
  • the largely unknown history (until now) about how corporations introduced the legal precedent that a corporation has equal rights as a person
  • corporations were considered legal persons long before women had full personhood (ladies, you should be pissed)
  • discussion of where we stand today

It's a fascinating discussion, and it isn't biased from a left-wing perspective (but many among the left will find much value in the information Hartmann discusses).

The file attached is a low bit-rate version that will be easy to stream or download for all you folks on dial-up. However, if you want to get a broadcast quality MP3, you can download it by clicking here. Alternatively, you can click here to listen to the broadcast quality of the streaming version.

THIS IS FOR NON-PROFIT USE ONLY. Please email Mike McCormick if you broadcast the interview on public/micro radio. Go here to get his contact info.

Click here for Amazon page on book.

BOOK Table of Contents
Part 1: The Nature of Community, Values, and Government
Chapter 1: The Values We Choose to Live By
Chapter 2: Banding Together for the Common Good: Corporations, Government, and the Commons

Part 2: From the Birth of American Democracy through the Birth of Corporate Personhood
Chapter 3: The Boston Tea Party Revealed
Chapter 4: Jefferson's Dream: The Bill of Rights
Chapter 5: The Early Role of Corporations in America
Chapter 6: The Deciding Moment
Chapter 7: The Corporate Conquest of America
Chapter 8: Transnational Corporations: The Ghost of the East India Company Rises Again

Part 3: Unequal Consequences
Chapter 9: Unequal Uses for the Bill of Rights
Chapter 10: Unequal Regulation
Chapter 11: Unequal Protection from Risk
Chapter 12: Unequal Taxes
Chapter 13: Unequal Responsibility for Crime
Chapter 14: Unequal Privacy
Chapter 15: Unequal Citizenship and Access to the Commons
Chapter 16: Unequal Wealth
Chapter 17: Unequal Trade
Chapter 18: Unequal Media
Chapter 19: Unequal Influence
Chapter 20: Capitalists and Americans Speak Out for Community

Part 4: Restoring Democracy as the Founders Imagined It
Chapter 21: End Corporate Personhood
Chapter 22: A New Entrepreneurial Boom
Chapter 23: A Democratic Marketplace
Chapter 24: Restoring the Global Dream of Government of, by, and for the People
Chapter 25: Our First Steps Forward
Postscript: A Message from a President of the United States
Revoking Corporate Personhood FAQ
Model Ordinances to Rescind Corporate Personhood
Constitutional Amendments for Each State