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daily poetry movement

the daily poetry movement. this peice is entitled Anarchist Love Song
by Bonnie and Clyde. The chord progression is g,c,g,g,d,g, repeat.
the first person you might sing this too is your reflection in the mirror.
ala de creme de la alla la mode. don't speak softly and carry an old growth
tree. now is the time to scream and smash the state!
Anarchist Love Song
by bonnie and clyde

Grab your slingshot, we may not come back
We're gonna paint the town green and black
'Cause you and me, babe, we gotta date
You make me wanna smash the state

We might toss a few paint bombs
Don't implicate me to anyone
Tell your other lover you'll be home late
Tonight we're gonna smash the state

Skippin hand and hand down the alley
Wheatpastin' about the Mumia rally
Governor signs, we'll retaliate
Take back the power and smash the state

When I'm with you, I have no fear
You give me courage like a homebrew beer
Your the best buzz in the lower 48
Girl, you make me want to smash the state

Glad we snuck into that Zapatista movie
That Marco's guy is so damn groovy
Dumpstered popcorn made my belly ache
It's the price you pay when you smash the state

Soy Delicious from the corporate store
Run back in and steal some more
Fill up a cart we'll fill our plates
Some vegan food before we smash the state


Back at the squat, let's make some molten lava
Ya sure look sexy in that balaclava
Yer eyes make my heart palpitate
They make me wanna smash the state

Let's hop on our bikes, head outta town
If we see a billboard, we'll burn it down
Them flames make we wanna fornicate
Light up the night and smash the state

Further on down the forest road
Ecosystems gotta heavy load
If we're gonna change this planet's fate
We're all gonna hafta smash the state


Comin' on back into the heart of town
Babylon always gets me down
May be the end of the world, but it ain't too late
With some love and rage,
we're gonna smash the state!

CH (last line sung slowly)