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148 Signs from the Seattle Protest March, Oct 6th.

got these from the oregon peaceworks mailing list. add your own!
[Bush picture] Intelligence Failure
[Peace symbol] Make Pea-zza Not War
[Peace symbol] Please
[Re]elect Gore [Lieberman crossed out] (old 2000 campaign poster)
12 Year War Against the Iraqi People for Oil
90% of Security Council Resolutions Are Violated by US Allies
A Thousand Points of Light and We've Got the Dim One
A Time Comes When Silence Is Betrayal
An Eye for an Eye Makes Everyone Blind
Arab People Are Not the Enemy
Axis of Evil: Dubya Cheney Rummy
Axis of Oil
Baghdad Kids = Seattle Kids
Ballard Says: No War in Our Name
Belief In the Inevitability of Conflict Can Be One of Its
Boils Down to Oil
Bread Not Bombs
Bring the Troops Home
Bush - Play God with Your Own Children
Bush Disgrace to Our Country
Bush Is AWOL
Bush is the Bitch of Big Business
Bush Wants to Murder Children and Families
Bush, Your War Is Wrong
Bush: The Only Thing More Crude Than Oil
Bush's Iraq Policy: A Lie!
Bush's War Attacks Democracy
Celebrate Peace Day 9/11
Check the Imperial President
Clinton Had Prosperity w/Peace
Congress: Listen to the People: No War
Congress: Respect Your Constituency: Debate = Democracy
Connect the Dots: Oil Pipeline
Corporate America Ruined My Life
Defend Civil Liberties
Defend Immigrant Rights and Civil Liberties
Democracy Not Monarchy
Diplomacy First
Dissent Is Not Un-American
Dissent Is Patriotic
Do American Interests Reflect Your Interests?
Do Our Children Want Permanent War?
Don't Use My Grief for Your War
Drop Bush Not Bombs
Drunk on Oil? Not!
End US Terrorism Too
Exception Consistent with the Broadest Good of Humanity -
Form Coalition not Coercion
Global Democracy Not War
Government of and by and for the People Not of and by and for Corporations
GW Bush Puppet of Big Oil
He Wasn't Elected on Sept. 11 Either
Hell No
How Many Children Have to Die?
I Love My Country but I Fear My Government
I Need Work Not War
I'll Not Die for Oil
Imagine the Consequences
Impeach Bush
Imperialistic Oil War
Incite Peace
Inspect Don't Attack
Iraq War? No!
Iraq, Bush: Weapons of Mass Distraction
Iraqis Fear Bush More Than Saddam So Should We
Is the System Working? Are You Happy?
Jim McDermott Speaks for Me
Jobs Not War
Just Say No to Bush
Kill First? The American Way??
Listen to the People: No War
Main Causes
Make Smores Not War
Mankind Can Be More Creative
Murray, Cantwell: Are You Listening?
My Patriotism Is Nothing If It Is Not Always Without
No Blood for Oil
No Blood for Oil/No Bombs
No More Blood for Oil
No More US Military Aid
No More War
No Preemptive Strike
No to the Axis of Oil
No War
No War by UnElected Oilmen
No War for Daddy's Boy and His Personal Agenda
No War on Iraq - End the Sanctions
Not Anti-Government, Anti-War
Obey International Law
Patriots Oppose Illegal Wars
Peace Is Political
Peace State Not Police State
Practice Peace
Prevent Unilateral Damage
Protect Our Constitution While You Still Can
Refuse Reveal Resist
Regime Change 2004
Regime Change in DC
Regime Change? Yes - Oust Bush
Registered Voter Supporting Jim McDermott
Remember Our Humanity
Respect International Law
Save the U.S. from Mad King George
Seek Peace Live Justice
Since When Does War Lead to Peace?
Stop Bush
Stop Bush's Coming War - Dissent
Stop Israeli State Terrorism
Stop the Axis of Evil - Bush - Cheney - Ashcroft
Stop the Axis of Oil
Stop the Bush Fascist Takeover
Submit the U.S. to Weapons Inspection
Superpower Bully Makes No Friends
Take Pride in a Peaceful World
Terrorism Is Killing Innocents for Political Purposes
The Middle East Needs Water Not War
The Mind of Love the Best Protector
The US Needs a Regime Change
There Is No Way to Peace Peace Is the Way
Think Outside the Bomb
Truth Is the First Casualty
US Out of Afghanistan Columbia Iraq . . .
Violence Breeds Violence
W Is for Warmonger
Wanted for Crimes Against Democracy: Bush Cheney Rumsfeld
War - Bush League Diplomacy
War Breeds Terror War Fuels >Capitalism
War Is a Dead End/Love Is the Way
War Is Bad for Children
War Is Not the Solution It's the Problem
War Is Pure Waste
War IS Terrorism
War Kills Kids
War Targets Poor People of Color
We Can't Afford $200 Billion for an Oil War
We Double Dog Dare You : Make Peace
Where's the Justice
Who Do We Think We Are?
Who Is the REAL Threat to Peace & Stability?
Who's Inspecting Our Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Why Do Other Countries Fear US?
Win the War But Lose Our Soul?
World [Peace symbol] Not Just for Hippies Anymore
Yer-War-Ism - What Goes Around Comes Around
You Have No Right to Take Iraq's Oil
long winded signs 20.Oct.2002 12:37


If it's W's war, why are my classmates fighting it?

hey corporate oil, pillage your own damn planet

Congress: The Sumpreme Court can't save YOUR Election Loses- Listen to the constituancy