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pdx indy editorial gathering/training

just about every darn saturday, pdx indy editorial folks gather at the red-n-black cafe at 4:00 p.m. folks interested in getting involved are invited to attend.
4:00 p.m.
red-n-black cafe
s.e. division @ 22nd
pdx indy editorial training
come to this gathering if you're interested in getting involved with portland indymedia. the focus will be on how to do editorial work -- updating features, website work, etc. -- but you can also find out how to get involved with other indymedia projects like video and print. if you have concerns/comments/compliments about the spam policy (of which the newly instituted Daily Compost Bin is an aspect) this would be the place to share those thoughts in person. this will be a working meeting, focused on hands-on training and tangible planning.

women especially are encouraged to attend, as there's still a big digital gender divide in web/technical work.

corporate media is a disease
indymedia is the cure
This is cute, this is really really cute. 18.Oct.2002 23:56

'The' Lamet Vali

If you're inviting EVERYBODY, I must say I am flattered that you are now open to meeting people with new ideas to share. It's always beneficial, in the long run I believe, to welcome those new ideas with a fresh perspective, and a very open mind.

Love Always-

Lamet Vali xoxoxoxoxxxoxoxoxo

clunk 19.Oct.2002 10:01


you might be surprised at the variety of ideas already involved in indymedia