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The North Korean Nuclear Issue

The DPRK-US Geneva Agreed Framework has been broken by the USA long time ago. This isn't a time of crying to the world's media that the DPRK may have a nuclear program, but a time to recognize that the Bush administration only tries to isolate and destroy North Korea by all sorts of means.
Who failed in the Korean nuclear issue?

Alejandro Cao de Benos de Les y Perez
Special Delegate of the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries
-DPRK Government -
President of the Korean Friendship Association (KFA)
E-mail:  korea@korea-dpr.com
17th August 2002

The DPRK-US Geneva Agreed Framework has been broken by the USA long time ago. This isn't a time of crying to the world's media that the DPRK may have a nuclear program, but a time to recognize that the Bush administration only tries to isolate and destroy North Korea by all sorts of means.
The construction of two light water nuclear reactors finally started in earnest as a concrete pouring work started at the planned construction site at Kumho, South Hamgyong Province, on August 7 2002, in accordance with the DPRK-U.S. Geneva Agreed Framework signed in October 1994.
Kim Hui Mun, the DPRK's general director for the project, was quoted as saying:
"I am glad to see the ceremony, but it should have been done earlier,"
"We ought to be compensated for the delay. We are firm on that with no doubt," he added.

Meanwhile, the DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman, in a statement issued on August 13, said that before talks on inspections can begin, the US must pay for electric power lost by delays in building the reactor.
He also said:
By delaying the construction of the LWR (Light Water Reactors) the U.S. has caused a huge loss of electricity to the DPRK and created grave difficulties in its economy as a whole," the statement said. "This has seriously threatened its right to existence," it added.
"The reality is pushing us to a situation where we should make a final decision to go our own way"
The statement urged the U.S. to compensate for the loss of electricity caused by the delayed provision of the light water reactors, saying that this is the issue the U.S. should discuss with the DPRK before anything else.
The people of the DPR of Korea suffered many winters without heaters, light or hot water because the government compromised to freeze the construction of nuclear reactors made with the own acquired technology.
In my frequent trips to the DPRK I personally experienced the patience and suffering of the people to build the peace and demonstrate that the building of the reactor was of peaceful nature, and not to produce weapons of mass destruction.
If the power supply stopped from 15:00 to 20:00, everywhere was the same, from the house of the neighbor to the monuments, the pumps stopped to function and I remember that I had to use a bucket as an improvised washbasin in the Ministry.
While washing my hands, I wondered that if the USA will have this power cut... the high politicians will also follow the fate of the regular citizens.
The factories are not producing
Some 'intelligent' tourists wrote that many factories in the DPRK aren't producing, later the media said that the industry stopped because the crisis of the political system and inefficient economy. When the real reason was that the country didn't have electricity! Because they cancelled the construction of the graphite nuclear reactor in order to demonstrate the willingness to fulfill the compromise in Geneva in 1994.
So again is the American Empire the one that provoked so many difficulties and deteriorated the production.
If the original DPRK nuclear reactor was constructed, all the factories will be working 100% since many years ago.
The Special Envoy
After many clear declarations of the DPRK, the USA is still obsessed in imposing their own rules in Korea and colonize politically and economically a sovereign socialist nation, so Mr. Kelly was designed as an 'special envoy' to Pyongyang.
Instead of talking about the pending issues, about compensations for the delay of the LWR (Light Water Reactors) and reasons about why the USA didn't fulfill the Geneva treaty, the Assistant Secretary tried to push the DPRK with an arrogant attitude forcing to disarm the Korean People's Army and asking for inspections in zones that aren't related at all to the accorded papers.
If the USA wants that the DPRK will reduce its military conventional forces, they must first sign a definitive peace treaty that will substitute the Armistice of 1953, and later take out their troops and nuclear missiles they've stationed in their colonies of South Korea. If they don't want to sign the peace in front of the world, means that they want an excuse to strike again, and the DPRK won't tolerate any intrusion.
It's nonsense to talk if the DPRK has nuclear capabilities or not and be surprised by the new. It's more than clear that the country can produce its own graphite nuclear reactors; otherwise the USA will never offer to sponsor a more advanced nuclear plant.

Why don't the USA start to reduce its nuclear weapons instead of increasing them? The NMD (National Missile Defense) is a probe of the hypocrisy from the White House. So much talking about a suspicious DPRK nuclear program, while they stockpile more and more nuclear warheads (around 9600 according to their own scientists).
If the USA continues with this attitude, the DPRK doesn't need to continue inside the agreement alone. And as already stated, if further delays and tricks are on the way, North Korea will fully complete the construction of the indigenous graphite reactors and ignore the crying of the imperialists. Because the electricity for the hospitals, or the bulb for the Korean houses are a million times more important than a wet paper signed with Swiss ink.
The DPRK is a peaceful and friendly country, but at the same time the fiercest and most powerful enemy to the one that may try to conquer it (politically, economically or by the force). And if the American evil dares to touch the Korean land with their arrogance, Washington will disappear from the world's map.

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