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Dioxin is natural.

Dioxin is natural.
Dioxin is natural.

Ok, stop reading and go no further. Only if you think you can handle the truth, then you may proceed.

Very well. You were warned...

If you don't believe in God, and you are pretty sure that UFOs didn't plant Humans on this earth, then Humans are just as natural as a snail darter, or a spotted owl. We maybe over populated, but it's a natural occurrence.

We evolved on this planet, just like every other critter, and everything we create from artwork, to Toxic waste is as completely natural as a bird nest. We are just animals, no more, no less. If we create nuclear weapons and atomize the earth, then it is as natural an event as lemmings running off a cliff. It doesn't matter if lemmings don't destroy the planet. It is still a naturally occurring event, because we are just dumb animals..

If we cut down every inch of rain forest, don't blame us, we are just animals. It's our nature. It's a perfectly natural event.

You may think, I'm and idiot, but I challenge you to refute the evidence above.

It doesn't matter, if we are smart enough to prevent this. If it happens, then obviously we aren't that smart. Either way, that is not the argument. The argument is that since we as human animals evolved on this planet and are indigenous to it, with no help from a God, Spirit, or other super-human being, then anything that happens to us is NATURAL..
Hey! You stole my idea... 18.Oct.2002 21:42


Finally, you came up with something decent that will result in the liberals here having to rub together the few remaining brain cells the have left. Yeah, in my opinion everything is natural when it comes down to it. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed right? Us useless eaters are the parasites of the planet and until every last one of us is gone there will never be harmony...

Finally?? 18.Oct.2002 21:55


boy its hard to impress you Tri...

I guess I'll have to dig deeper... :-)

could agree more 19.Oct.2002 11:29

lichen, a tree-sitter

I still sit in tree's tho.

Yeah its all natural. I agree. But i like drinking water.

Yeah so. 21.Oct.2002 12:26

Burning Monk

Cancer, Aids, car wrecks, and a tiger biting off your face are all natural too, do you want them to happen to you?

Your argument is essentially "everything in the universe is natural so it is good" and it just doesn't fly. If a dog is pissed off at you and starts gnawing on your balls do you just stand there and say to yourself, "This is natural, the dog is just being a dog, it has to chew my balls off." Your NATURAL reaction is to see this NATURAL act as BAD and do the NATURAL thing and try to avoid having any part of your body inside the mouth of a pissed off dog. Both the dog attacking you and you avoiding the attack are NATURAL. The dog wants to do something natural but you don't want it to, ARE YOU WRONG? Should you let the dog attack you because it is natural and good? So attempting to destroy rainforests may be natural but stopping the deforestation is also natural thus your argument is moot.

Not all things natural (objects, actions, beliefs) are preferable. You are stuck in the mindset that all things "natural" are GOOD. This is simply, SIMPLY an idea propigated by the health food industry. Alot of health foods have soy in them, well, Monosodiumglutamate is made from soy and MSG is a neurotoxin, it makes ya stupid, but yet it is natural, just like mustard gas and plutonium.

Semantics arguing about what is natural and what is good or bad will not seem so important when you have to srtuggle to survive on a devastated planet.

I'm not on the left or on the right but "on target".