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Facts about DU

Since someone here seems to have a fetish for posting numerous misleading articles about DU maybe you would like to read some facts...
thanks for the unbiased information tribble 18.Oct.2002 19:07

Cpt. Kirk

If they existed, I would love to put up official military/corporate links extolling the virtues of agent orange, DDT, and tobacco...

The best part of waking up is DU in your Cup! 18.Oct.2002 19:46

vladimir putin

Hey Tri ! How 'bout a straight question ? -Are you asserting that DU is Not extremely harmful ?

-I clicked on your link, only to find that I actually did Not click on your link due to the fact that I've already heard the Mil-side of the story.

PS. You and me ! Let's go ! Bring your friends and meet me in the Compost Bin in half an hour !

Seriously. You're really claiming DU horror is a lie ? -Or what ?

Believe what you want. 18.Oct.2002 19:46


If its liberal, slams the US, or makes Bush look bad it has to be true. Facts don't mean anything, just your twisted way you look at the world.

If its conservative, makes the US look good, then its a corporate lie, designed to undermine the working class or some other stupid cosmic crap.

What a bunch of Shit-worshiping idiots...

Dangerous Dust 18.Oct.2002 20:38

Dicks Cheney Armey

"Depleted uranium that remains outside the body can not harm you."

How the hell can you prevent atomized DU from being inhaled or from contaminating food and water, especially in the desert where dust is continually stirred by winds?

What about the reports of increasing cancer rates and birth defects in Iraq's civilian population--have doctors become propagandists? Why should GIs trust people who have secretly subjected them to weapons and disease agents in the past? Is this artillery even necessary against relatively feeble Iraqi forces? Although the DU is only mildy radioactive, what's its radioactive halflife - hundreds of millions of years? Do we need more of that kind of shit in our aquifers, and being continually reincorporated through the food chain for a thousand generations?

Why is it anti-american to voice these concerns? To me, it seems treasonous to show a flippant disregard for the health of GIs.

That's proof of a nuke program in Iraq 18.Oct.2002 20:50


The increased cancer rates aren't from US ordinance, its from the Iraqi Nuclear program.

And I have as much proof of this as you have of your theory.

Just because you put something on a website, or print it in a book doesn't make it Official.

Have you ever??? 18.Oct.2002 21:04


Have you ever posted anything that blames another country for something?
I don't mean Canada, or the UK, or Israel. I am talking about some "turd" world country, and not relate it back to something the US is doing to cause it. Is there anything on this planet that is wrong, evil, or otherwise that the US hasn't had its hand in creating in your opinon??
ANYTHING??? Just Name one little country, fuck even Luxemburg, I don't care.

Name one??

Of course not. Because all you want to do is dog this country. Of course if it so shitty, I suppose you are too stupid to get a passport and immigrate to New Zealand or someplace. Huh?

Ok, when was the last time you posted something praising something the US is doing ??? When??? That's what I thought...

The US has it problems, I have no problem with people voice them. However I sort my problems based on the level of importance, not on the country of origin.

There are far worst things in Iraq (from their governments own hand) killing people than some Uranium dust left over from a HUGE ass kicking they got ten years ago.

If one child dies from uranium dust, is tragic, but if thousands are dying every month because of a sadistic Stalinist Retard like Hussein, then that is were my focus would be and is. Not with the one child that died from a questionable source.

That is what makes you un-American. You side with people Like Hussein because he hates Bush. Lets face it if Bush, Hussein, and Hitler where in a boat and you had only two bullets, you would shoot Bush twice. Right????

It's our country 18.Oct.2002 21:40


so of course we hold it to a high standard.

It's our country, so supposedly we have a say in what this country does.

This is why we focus on the bad things our country does, because we wouldn't do these things in our own personal lives, nor do we want these things done by our government in our name.

We have a moral obligation to ask our country to do good, and not to do evil, such as waging a war on a people because we don't like their leader. Generally, when we uncover hypocrisy in our personal lives, we either make amends, change our actions, or shut up. We have an ethical obligation to ask that our own country refrain from hypocrisy as well.

duh... 18.Oct.2002 21:46


Thats why they call it "depleted" stupid, that means all the good stuff is now safely stored in the warhead of a Polaris missle aimed at China...

dripping with moral superiority 18.Oct.2002 21:48


While you are dripping with moral superiority, why don't you spend a little time helping people instead of criticizing them?

hmm... 19.Oct.2002 04:27


depleted uranium is still a heavy atom- bonded as it is, even without the radioactivity, it accumulates in various organic systems.

like all heavy metals, it "clogs up" organs, as it lodges in fatty tissues, like the substances which house the nervous structures in the brain; it also causes disruption of blood filtration in the liver, water filtration in the kidneys, nutritional distribution from the stomach, spleen and intestines. it can cause serious birth defects in infants, caused by the inability of the mother's body to function properly. it most definitely is not harmless.

and it is an example of the united states of america using chemical weapons, irresponsibly, indiscriminately, against innocent civilians, while justifying a pending assault on a madman who, well, did exactly what we did, to essentially the same group of people.

"we are freedom fighters;
you are guerrillas;
they are terrorists."

Hey Shrill Boys... 19.Oct.2002 04:55

Cap'n Crunch

Seemed like this is what the two of you combined got out of this article:

The environmental effects of depleted uranium have been studied comprehensively .Burn tests and other evaluations performed under simulated battlefield conditions indicated that the health risks associated with the battlefield use of depleted uranium were minimal...

This article simultaneously bored the crap out of me, and pissed me off, but of what I read, this is what I got from it:

Taken into the body via metal fragments or dust-like particles, depleted uranium may pose a long-term health hazard to personnel if the amount is large. However, the amount which remains in the body depends on a number of factors, including the amount inhaled or ingested, the particle size and the ability of the particles to dissolve in body fluids.
Burn tests and other evaluations performed under simulated battlefield conditions...


... indicated that the health risks associated with the battlefield use of depleted uranium....could be reduced even more by simple, field-expedient measures, especially, avoidance of depleted uranium-contaminated vehicles and sites.
[Sounds like we should keep our ground troups home, if they joystick jockeys era going to be busy intentionally atomizing thousands of tons of this stuff']
During and after the Gulf War, personnel awareness of the hazards posed by battlefield depleted uranium contamination was generally low. As a result, many personnel did not practice field-expedient measures that would have prevented or mitigated possible exposures.

[Translation-military leadership completely failed to educate soldiers about the hazzards of D.U., and compounded that failure by wrecklessly subjecting soldiers to exposure while not taking "simple, field-expedient measures".]

The two main areas that were not adequately addressed before the Gulf War were:
The medical implications of embedded fragments and
Exposure estimates for friendly fire incidents, recovery activities, and incidental contact scenarios.

I can beleive you guys would deffend the ongoing gross incompitence of U.S. military leadership (this is one of almost infinate examples) , at the expense of soldiers that put their lives on the line to protect your asses. If you guys are the supporters of the armed forces, then I'm even gladder to be out of the Army.

This article was offered in support of D.U. weapons? You guys really look like Dumb & Dumber on this one. I would like to volunteer you two for some military experiments.

Bad TYpo... 19.Oct.2002 05:04


I meant to say...I CAN'T beleive you guys would deffend the ongoing gross incompitence of U.S. military leadership

Project Infinite Cowardace 19.Oct.2002 12:21

Wrecked Em

F.W.R. Writes:

"The increased cancer rates aren't from US ordinance, its from the Iraqi Nuclear program...And I have as much proof of this as you have of your theory."

Yet F.W.R. offers none.

"While you are dripping with moral superiority, why don't you spend a little time helping people instead of criticizing them?"

Good advice F.W.R.

"Lets face it if Bush, Hussein, and Hitler where in a boat and you had only two bullets, you would shoot Bush twice. Right????"

Funny how brain-bleached reactionaries like F.W.R. can see 3 people in a boat, and the first thing they think about is 'how many bullets do I have?'.

In my view, it is the worst form of cowardice, to pound the drums of war, while failing to participate.

i read the article, and... 19.Oct.2002 12:41

sacred chao

The article seems to address the health hazards to soldiers, who are typically in the affected area for a short time. It doesn't address the issue of long-term exposure, especially for pregnant mothers, fetuses, young children, etc.... all generally more vulnerable than healthy adult males.

So the article can be accurate and still not address many of our concerns. Although I would still question certain parts of it, like the usefulness of urine tests for uranium when we'd actually expect the particles to be lodged in the lungs.

Also, it doesn't say that the scientific literature demonstrates that DU can't cause leukemia, but that there is no literature demonstrating that it can. They don't mention if any research has actually been done.

I'm not a doctor, but I do have an historical memory. So for those who would assume this article must be accurate because of its source, let me offer two words...

Agent Orange.

How long did it take for the gov't to fess up to that one?

Everyone's capable of misinformation. Us, them, me, you, etc.

Wrecked Em, is a fleabag jackoff 19.Oct.2002 15:39


Wrecked Em,

Who said I wasn't participating..

I spent 3 years in a Marine Corps infantry unit, and now I pay more in taxes to pay for the bombs, missiles than you gross in one year.

So lets not talk about cowardice, unless you are willing to walk the walk...

Please F.W.R.... 19.Oct.2002 16:26

Wrecked Em

....I prefer to be called a Blubbering Dunderhead. Also, thanks for the free financial assessment.

So, 3 years in a Marine Corps infantry unit. Not very long,why didn't you re-up? I saw some dim bulbs while I was in the service, but there has never been such a group of feeble, brainwashed unics, than the Marine Corps infantry. (aruhah!)

Thanks for the response though. Just wanted to see if you were checking back to see your weak positions trounced. You were writing with some degree of reasoning. Now it's just propoganda and hot air. What happened? A real man (or woman), could admit that they are wrong, when they clearly are.

yeah but... 19.Oct.2002 19:46


That's us, first go, last to know...

Why didn't I re-up? I went in when that bozo Jimmy Carter was office. We were issued Vietnam era cammys that had dry rotted while in storage, He took a page from the Neville Chamberlain book of stupidity when it came to dealing with aggressive countries. He gave us Iran in its present form, and indirectly the problem in Afghanistan was a direct result of his bumbling. I got out when Reagan had started turning things around.

Now, I do my part in a support role. My job now is to make sure all you Green weenies get out of bed early enough next month to go out and vote for your Green Party candidate. Remember to tell your friends... VOTE Green!!!

It is clear now. I understand. It's simple. 21.Oct.2002 14:17

Burning Monk

FWR was a Marine.