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rally to support IWW bike messegers

Portland's very own IWW bike messengers are on strike! Their employer, Transerv Services, is attempting to break the union through unfair labor practices, including the use of intimidation, scabs, and baseless termination.
The bicycle messengers of Transerv Systems, a same-day delivery service, have been on strike since the 15th of this month. The strike was called in response to unfair, and blatantly threatening actions on the part of Transerv. Although the messengers have tried repeatedly to bring calm to the workplace, the employer has continued to foster an atmosphere of instability and intimidation. Employees have been threatened with termination based on groudless charges, temp workers have been brought in to supply docile labor and to break the union, a dispatcher was fired for "talking about things not work related on the radio", and workers with years of experience and no disciplinary history have recieved "write ups" giving them "final warning before termination". Every worker that has testified on behalf of their union has been fired or written up.
This is a call to all those who are able to rally for the messengers on Monday the 21st. If you work downtown on monday, come out during your lunch break, and after your shift. Those who are able should consider spending the day there (on 4th between Pine and Oak).
Keep your eyes and ears open over the weekend for further information. SOLIDARITY FOREVER!!!

Call Transerv and tell the Prsident, Steve Chasteen, that you intend to raise hell over the company's union busting! His number is 503-241-0484 ext.213