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the daily poetry movement. todays peice is by anne sexton. a loose deffinition of a sexton is a keeper of the church. according to diane middlebrook, her biographer, anne and sylvia plath attended the same community college writing class and sylvia adapted her style to anne's which kinda aggrivated anne. DID YOU READ ABOUT how 2000 naked WOMEN Besieged CHEVERON IN NIGERIA and WON!!! Go to Nigeria Indymedia for more details!!!
An Obsessive Combination Of Onotological Inscape, Trickery And Love

Busy, with an idea for a code, I write
signals hurrying from left to right,
or right to left, by obscure routes,
for my own reasons; taking a word like writes
down tiers of tries until its secret rites
make sense; or until, suddenly, RATS
can amazingly and funnily become STAR
and right to left that small star
is mine, for my own liking, to stare
its five lucky pins inside out, to store
forever kindly, as if it were a star
I touched and a miracle I really wrote.