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The only way to get medical insurance security is to pass Measure 23

I sent the letter copied below to the Oregonian and Tribune. We need your help. To get on the email list for the Portland chapter of Health Care For All - Oregon, send an email to  hcao_portland-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
The only way most of us will ever have any health care
security is to vote for Measure 23. We cannot continue to
tie medical insurance to our jobs, because every time we get
laid off we lose our insurance.

Last winter I went through six months of chemotherapy for
leukemia, at a cost of about $26,000. Most of that time I
was unemployed and scrambling to come up with $253 a month
for medical insurance, while living on unemployment. No one
should be in that position, but most of us easily could be.

Insurance companies are grossly inefficient, with overhead
costs - administration, marketing and profits - of 10 to 25
percent, as compared to less than 3 percent for Medicare
("The Forgotten Domestic Crisis," New York Times, Oct. 13).
We can't afford to support them any more. Vote for Measure
23 and set up a system that works.

homepage: homepage: http://www.hcao.org