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stop the presses....
Where is the 200lb artical I saw posted last night, not even in the compost bin. The censorship question is over. INDY IS NOW CENSORING.
it wont help 16.Oct.2002 18:13


censorship will only make them more determined...

Asshole... 16.Oct.2002 18:22


I'll be the first one to say that to the best of my knowledge this is a privately owned website and can edit content as the owners see fit. I myself don't care for it but as it stands who really gives a fuck what I think?

My idea is to make it into an endless page that just scrolls on down and then the owner can just keep putting the stories they like at the top and force us wingnuts down to the bottom...

wrong, it is in the bin 16.Oct.2002 18:37


Gee that's funny.. 16.Oct.2002 19:10


Funny how it wasn't in the bin an hour ago...
and how it magicly appeared after I wrote this artical

Either way, the bin is still censorship

wah 16.Oct.2002 21:18



If you're good, you get no spanking 16.Oct.2002 22:37


During the Zippartista confunsion/dialog, I received an Indymedia "smiley" for my input, they are watching... Are they censoring?

to censor no-content no-minds like you, fine 17.Oct.2002 07:24


along with the "chop Woody Harrelson's hands off"--

you belong together . . . a total waste of human brain synapses, internet bandwidth and a typewriter keyboard

That's how it starts Happy 17.Oct.2002 10:52


Next they will be censoring you,



stop the presses! rush limbaugh now offering forum for progressive ideas! said to be much more open and intelligent than "fascist" imc. rush limbaugh and dittoheads will welcome you with open arms. and there will never, ever be any censorship. no censorship at all! it's the promised land! what are you waiting for?

go there!

why are you such a stupid asshole? 17.Oct.2002 18:26

would you really like to know?

You went to school, where you were taught to fear, and to obey. "Cheer up, or somebody might think you're WEIRD." "Life CAN be perfect. People CAN be trusted. Someday I will fall in love....A nice, quiet home of my very own, free from all pain, happy and having fun, all the time...."

It never happened, did it?

the way 17.Oct.2002 22:43

future facist

Had I known this would be a leftist circle-jerk, I would have worn the appropriate gear.

OOOOOOOoooh-oh!!!! 17.Oct.2002 22:55


I just came.