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March for Police Accountability this Saturday in Portland

A march and rally for police accountability, against racial profiling and to end discrimination in social services will begin this Saturday, October 19th at 11 AM at the Mallory Avenue Church, 126 N.E. Alberta.
A march to nearby Irving Park (7th & Fremont) will start at noon. Rally in the park at 1 PM will include speakers, food, music and an open mic. Sponsored by the NAACP (503)284-7722 and Police Accountability Campaign (503)287-2255.
There will be a march and rally this Saturday, October 19th in Portland to demand police accountability, an end to racial profiling and a halt to discrimination in social services. Communities United to Uphold the 14th Amendment ask everyone to turn out for this event.

The march and rally, which are sponsored by the NAACP and the Police Accountability Campaign, will begin with a rally at 11 AM at the Mallory Avenue Church, 126 N.E. Alberta. The march will begin at noon and end at Irving Park at 7th & Fremont. The closing rally at 1 PM will feature speakers, food, music and an open mic.

The sponsors have secured permits for these events. Families are especially encouraged to attend.

For more information or to volunteer to help, call the Police Accountability Campaign at (503)287-2255 or the NAACP at (503)284-7722.

Bus service nearest to Mallory Avenue Church includes the #4 and #6 buses. Irving Park is easily reached with the #33 or #8 buses.

homepage: homepage: http://www.policeaccountabilitycampaign.org
phone: phone: (503)287-2255
address: address: Mallory Avenue Church, 126 N.E. Alberta, Portland, Oregon

I'll be there 18.Oct.2002 20:53

A concerned citizen

Tell this to the parents of Dickie Dow and Mejia Poot. Tell it to the accountants who have to figuring out how to afford paying hundreds of thousands of city dollars for the wrongful death lawsuits filed because of law enforcement.

Yo 19.Oct.2002 01:34


I guess Dow won't try and drag anymore police down the street by the neck and Poot wont be menacing anyone else with a metal rod.
I have never been hurt by the cops in all my time spent in public.
Usually it seems the guilty scream the loudest, and the ones that end up getting killed bring it upon themselves.
Lawabiding nonviolent citizens have nothing to fear from the police.
I bet none of you have looked death in the eye and had to fight for your life.
You wanna see brutality? Head to Bogata, or Mexico City, or South Africa, try Thailand or Ho Chi Minh City.
You spoiled Americans don't know how good you have it.
I have been a blue collar worker all my life, and never have had the spoils of riches and always have enough money just to get by and the cops have never hurt me.
You whiny asses bring it all on your pitiful selves are are truly the minority.

You make no sense 20.Oct.2002 19:12


"I guess Dow won't try and drag anymore police down the street by the neck"
First off, the police aren't even claiming that dow dragged the officer by the neck. They are claiming that he pinned the officer's arms to his sides and was 'moving him down the street'. Secondly, the only people saying that Dow assaulted the officer are the police, and the police would obviously have a vested interest in claiming Dickie Dow assaulted the officer seeing as how they are liable for manslaughter if he was not. So, to take their word at face value is to be willfully ignorant of the facts.

"and Poot wont be menacing anyone else with a metal rod."

Poot was mentally ill and INSIDE A FUCKING HOSPITAL when this happened. What the fuck were the police (who are trained to beat up and kill criminals, not to deal with mentally unstable folks who need help) doing in a mental hospital in the first fucking place? Not only that, it was a fucking aluminum rod. I'm not going to shoot anybody who menaces me with an aluminum rod, I'm going to laugh at them. An aluminum rod has about the same weight and heft as a little kid's plastic ninja sword. Are you trying to tell me these two cops couldn't have wrestled this guy to the ground and handcuffed him like they do with hundreds of other people every day? Come to think of it, I'd be willing to bet that Poot never even swung that rod. He just had it in his hand, and they felt like killing him. Cuz that's what police like to do: Hurt and kill people.

"I have never been hurt by the cops in all my time spent in public."

That has got to be the dumbest fucking...
OK: I've never had a heart attack, but that doesn't mean that it's not a serious, life-threatening problem in our country. I've never been hit by a drunk driver, but that doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of asshole drunks out there killing people with cars every day. I've never been around the world, but I know it is round. Your particular personal experiences in life do not define reality for the rest of the world.

"Usually it seems the guilty scream the loudest,"

Give examples. I have no clue what you mean here, because to take these words literally is to call you a fucking liar.

"and the ones that end up getting killed bring it upon themselves."

You mean the ones like:

Scott W. Bryant
Age 29 at time of death when he was shot by police in Beaver Dam, WI, on April 28, 1995. Bryant was unarmed and did not resist in any way when police with a no-knock warrant charged through the door of his home. His 7-year-old son watched his father die, while an ambulance took 35 minutes to arrive. Police later reported finding less than 3 grams of marijuana (enough for 2 or 3 cigarettes). Police claim it may have been an accidental shooting.


Mario Paz
A 69 year old grandfather died a brutal death at the hands of police looking for marijuana on August 9, 1999. No drugs were found.

It was an hour before midnight when an El Monte police SWAT team, serving a search warrant as part of a broad-ranging narcotics investigation, undertook what it called the "high-risk entry" of a Compton home--shooting the locks off the front and back doors. Their warrant, which named no one in the Paz home, says police expected to find marijuana and cash belonging to a suspected member of a drug ring who had allegedly used the house as a mail drop. They found no drugs, but in the course of the search they shot a retired grandfather twice in the back--killing him. The widow was hustled out of the house in nothing but panties, a towel and plastic handcuffs. She and six others were later taken away and intensively interrogated, but no one was charged. Ten thousand dollars in cash was seized as evidence, along with a .22- caliber rifle and three pistols, according to investigators for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The family said that the money was patriarch Mario Paz's life savings and that he kept firearms for protection in the high-crime neighborhood.

Maria Luisa Paz, 51, said her husband, a Mexican immigrant, had been driven to Tijuana for doctor's appointments that morning. She showed a reporter his purchases of medicine prescribed for his heart condition, prostate ailment, and back problems from a 1985 on-the-job injury. She said he also emptied his Tijuana bank account of more than $10,000 in savings, fearing that the money could be lost to the much-publicized computer complications that some people are afraid will occur Jan. 1. She showed a reporter the bank receipt for the withdrawal.

A sheriff's investigator said the El Monte officer shot Paz because he thought he was reaching for a weapon--something Paz's widow adamantly denies. Lt. Baker said Mario Paz "appeared to be reaching for something, and believing him to be arming himself, the officer fired two rounds . . . striking Mr. Paz in the back." His widow described the scene differently: "They yelled and yelled. I said, 'My husband is sick! He's an old man!' I grabbed [the officer's] leg," she recalled. "[The officer] just pointed the gun at my husband and shot." She said the officer, wearing a mask, "just looked at me." Then another officer came in and ordered her in Spanish to "get up and put something on," she said.

The drug suspect named in the warrant is Marcos Beltran Lizarraga. The Paz family said that he lived next door in the early 1980s, that Mario sold him a car six years or so ago and that he occasionally used the Pazes' mailing address. The family said that they sometimes would mark the mail "return to sender" but that on other occasions their father gave it to Beltran's nephew. Mario Paz was pronounced dead at 11:29 p.m. at Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center, according to the county coroner's office. At the time he died, he was planning to sell his house and move to Colorado, according to Mario Paz Jr., 31, a computer operations supervisor for the Denver office of a California HMO.

Story edited from longer original by Anne-Marie O'Connor, Los Angeles Times.


Robert Adams
On October 4, 2000, 61 year old John Adams of Lebanon, Tennessee was gunned down by police raiding the wrong house looking for drugs. He was watching tv when armed men burst through the door. His wife Loraine Adams, who said that the armed invaders did not identify themselves as police until after the shooting, was handcuffed and thrown onto her knees in a different room while her husband bled to death. Police Chief Billy Weeks said that the shooting was not the fault of the two officers who shot Grandpa Adams, Officers Kyle Shedran and Greg Day. The raid was blamed on false information from a police informant.

or the thousands of other innocent people killed by cops every year?

"Lawabiding nonviolent citizens have nothing to fear from the police."

You mean lawabiding citizens like

Alberto Sepulveda
September 13, 2000 was the last day of life for 11 year old Alberto Sepulveda, a 7th grader at Prescott Senior Elementary School in Modesto, California.

The raid, of course, was part of a drug trafficking investigation. A SWAT team violently assaulted Alberto's home because his father was wanted for drugs. In this war "for the children," the plan was only to make Alberto fatherless, rather than dead, but war is too often deadly to innocent civilians.

Knowing that Moises Sepulveda was a family man, with a wife and 3 children, ages 8, 11 and 14, the decision was naturally made to raid the home at 6:16 a.m. on a school day. SWAT teams called upon for the early morning raid of the children's home were from the Sacramento and San Francisco offices of the FBI, the DEA, the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department and the Lodi Police Department.

David Hawn, a 21 year police veteran with 18 1/2 years experience on SWAT teams, unloaded his shotgun into the back of the 11 year old boy, ending his life and dreams instantly. As his mother's heart was breaking, police took away her husband in handcuffs, meaning she would have to face the death of her son, and somehow deal with the anguish of her other children who witnessed the fatal shooting, alone.

"With the violent nature of methamphetamine traffickers, we try to take all the precautions to avoid anyone getting hurt," said Robert Dey, a special agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. He did not see the irony in his comments, overlooking that it was violent policing, not violent private citizens, that ended the life of this boy. When 21 year police veterans shoot children in the back as they are getting up for school, whose violence is it that parents should be concerned about?

Of course, officials quickly labeled the shooting "accidental." Just as the drunk driver feels it is just an accident when his car happens to go up a curb and crush the life from a child, teams of men armed with loaded weapons who break into children's homes feel it is just an accident when a shotgun happens to go off and rip a child's body to shreds.


Andre Burgess (shot, not killed, for holding candy bar)
A federal undercover agent working on a "High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force" in Queens, NY, shot a local high school student when he mistook a candy bar in the youth's hand for a gun. 17 year-old Andre Burgess, captain of the Hillcrest High School soccer team, was walking down 138th street in Laurelton, Queens, when the carload of Federal agents rolled by and one officer, identified by the New York Daily News as William Cannon, jumped out.

Cannon apparently identified himself, but, according to Burgess, gave the teen no time to react. "I turned to see what was up, and boom, I'm hit, and I fell to the ground." Burgess also described the callousness with which the incident was handled even after it was discovered that he had been unarmed and apparently wholly uninvolved in any criminal activity.

"I'm laying there, bleeding, waiting to go the hospital, and he's shaking hands with the other cops, or agents, or whatever they were," he said. "He asked one of them, 'Don't I know you from some other case?' And I'm still lying there."

DRCNet Executive Director David Borden commented, "The incident is reminiscent of the Esequiel Hernandez killing in Redford, Texas, by U.S. Marines. In neither case did the aggressors provide appropriate medical assistance to their victims. Fortunately, Burgess was not fatally wounded. But then, this is only the one incident out of many that happened to get some press."

Are these lawabiding citizens entitled to fear the cops now that they have been shot for no reason?

"I bet none of you have looked death in the eye and had to fight for your life."

1. Yes I have. 2. Maybe other people that come to this site have as well. You have no way of knowing, and your statement is a stupid generalization. 3. What fucking difference does it make, anyway?

"You wanna see brutality? Head to Bogata, or Mexico City, or South Africa, try Thailand or Ho Chi Minh City."

Or go be a child in Afghanistan who getting your arms blown off by US land mines that look exactly like food packets. Or be a kid in the inner-city portion of any large city in the US. Or participate in a nonviolent protest. Or mouth off to a cop in any way when nobody's looking.

"You spoiled Americans don't know how good you have it."

We know exactly how "good" we have it. That's why we're fighting to have it better.

"I have been a blue collar worker all my life, and never have had the spoils of riches and always have enough money just to get by and the cops have never hurt me."

That's because you are a sheep who doesn't like to think that there might be things wrong with the status quo and refuses to challenge or question authority. In short: You aren't a threat to the cops' power, so they leave you alone.

"You whiny asses bring it all on your pitiful selves are are truly the minority."

Bullshit. Your sheepish, roll-over-and-die punk ass is the minority.

P.S. Fuck you.

POOP 21.Oct.2002 07:29

The Winning Team

Touched a nerve, eh? Your tirade reveals your sense of being powerless to bring radical change on the mainstream majority of America.You want more examples?
Marijuanna, the "peace" drug, did very little mellow out the guy who shot the female Ofcr at 111/division with an assault rifle.
How about the Ofcr that was gunned down (by yet one more illegal Alien) after he shot an 11 y/o boy in front of his exgirlfriend?
Poop is nothing more than castout anti-social hate monger that can't see past the end of his own nose.
Despite the fact that you run your mouth and spout hatred to the police, they would still rush to your aid should you call.
Something that you would never do for anyone else.
Run your mouth and spew your garbage, you are nothing more than a tiny grain of sand of the oceanfront of society and will never come to see your radical ideas adopted by society.
So long 'sucka.
You lose.

Poop 22.Oct.2002 02:56


Poop is a retard.