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one of the best techie things about indy gone - why!

too many changes, with mistakes on the heels of them
IT what a great day when indy made the brilliant change to allow a new page to open when adding a comment. Where'd it go?

What are all these new changes about!? Like the editorial number. After posting a comment I got this error message:

>no story to tell yet - database error
>please email editorial
>with the story id number in the subject line

And I've noticed that many of the posts say "no story to tell yet".
Nothing to do with Indy people 16.Oct.2002 07:40


The "no story to tell yet" comment is not something people are doing to you. It is a glitch in the indy software. Indy tech people are trying to figure it out. Because it is happening far to often we put up a place for you to contact us if it happens. We have to manually change things to make your post appear. But first we have to know that it happened. We hope to have this fixed soon.

*No story to tell yet*? 16.Oct.2002 07:44

Relatively Exact

Yeah, I noticed the thing about all those postings coming up as "No story to tell yet". I e-mailed the person in charge and was told it was a mystery glitch that they haven't yet found the reason for. The next day all those "No-story" postings were working just fine.

Considering all the troll/spam attacks that have been happening recently, I have to wonder if someone is hacking this site. After all, it seems to be only the right-leaning postings that are disappearing, and if it really were a case of censorship they wouldn't end up being restored, now, would they?

Either it really is just a technical glitch, some overzealous anarchist punk (as opposed to a traditional anarchist) is trying to apply his/her own, personal censorship, or someone is trying to make it look like IndyMedia is censoring conservative postings in order to discredit the site.

Whatever the case, this site has definitely been getting more than its share of chaos these days.

a little slack 16.Oct.2002 10:17

my name

Lets cut them a little slack, we're all in here for free, after all. I kinda miss the second window for adding comments also, but oh well. This page has been much more of a benefit to me than an annoyance....I'll take the tidbits of things I don't like.

comment window fixed 16.Oct.2002 10:43


thanks for pointing out the comment window was no longer popping up a second window. . .fixed!


THANK YOU! 16.Oct.2002 11:00


thank you!!!!!!

the story they don't want told? 16.Oct.2002 12:30


can anyone pinpoint when the "no story..." page started popping up? not to try and increase anyone's paranoia but i started noticing this on certain other servers, especially a couple in canada, vancouver and victoria. i was trying to take note of when these story out to lunch pages were seeming to appear. thought i can't remember exactly, i was thinking that i saw a good number of stories not posting around certain "event times", that is when you'd expect aticles reporting on certain events such as rallies or whatever--take this at face value cuz i can't truly recall when exactly i noticed such occurrences.

i suppose it would help to also notice when this *is not* occurring so as to develop some standard of comparison. i was monitoring the vancouver and victoria-imcs and the "no story" page was found for some articles in a row, at least 2 and maybe even 3. it seemed to affect 'newly posted' items; the newswire backlog didn't appear to be affected. i admittedly never really returned to see if the stories were ever told (posted) so i can't say that this aspect of the 'glitch' was fixed. this is what i've noticed about the no story to tell yet story.

the simplest theory should ideally be the truth of the matter. it's like when someone would eat something in the fridge that my mother didn't want to be eaten by others, she'd 'announce' "someone has been eating this" or something like that which put people on notice that she knew something was up. i can't say that there are someones to be put on notice in this case, but if there are, they have to make a choice, like a baseball pitcher: switch to another pitch, or keep trying to get the curve over, risking maybe a grandslam discovery being made.

one question i have is for what purpose the "no story as of yet" message/page was created?

The lurker 16.Oct.2002 12:55


It's an AI entity lurking in the indymedia software I tell you!!!!

no story to tell yet 16.Oct.2002 13:03


no story to tell yet is a database error. . .naturally it happens more frequently when there are lots of posts, so it is more noticable around actions etc. . .

indymedia is run by volunteer effort, and individual contributions of equipment and time and then cobbled together. . .there are not the resources to get fancy servers and rows of employees to make it all work. . .it is remarkable that a global network of almost 100 sites is working and having a significant impact with a total budget of about 1 luxury car since its inception.

portland indy receives no money, has no money, and has managed to do without through determination and a DIY approach.

glitch explanation sounds weak to me 16.Oct.2002 15:57

not a right winger

I have noticed numerous cases (not on Portland IMC but on other IMCs) when an article only received one comment and would stay up for days, but then one day, upon returning to the article, the infamous "no story to tell" would appear. So how can an article that receives only one response and stays that way for days suddenly get wiped out?

i can only address this site 16.Oct.2002 19:36


i can only address this site

glitch excuse sounds "weak" to you? 16.Oct.2002 21:38

whatever you say

it sounds like you don't spend a lot of time around computers ... which isn't necessarily a bad thing. i'm just saying if you think computers act logically all the time, especially considering the intricacies of db driven sites, it's possible you landed recently and have ufo technology far more powerful than that of anyone i know.