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"thing" appearing on all posts now.... What is it?

"thing" appearing on all posts now.... What is it?
"thing" appearing on all posts now.... What is it?
"thing" appearing on all posts now.... What is it?
Look at the screen capture I made below -- and the arrow I used to point to what I'm talking about. There's the initials "EHS" (or, perhaps "EAS") that almost seem like it was hand written, which is very odd. And then, there's an entry box. What the heck is that? It wasn't there before.

I know Chicago Indymedia has a similar box that automatically fills in browser cookie information so that a returning poster can edit a post.

Portland Indymedia, you need to honor full disclosure here. What's going on?
can *you* tell us? 16.Oct.2002 00:55

portland indymedia grand high cabal

shit, we don't know. we were hoping *you* could tell us! we wonder if this has anything to do with that mysterious stranger with shades, a cheap off-the-rack suit and a limp who was poking around in the server the other day. "just here to check the meter," he said. damn, foiled again!

IT'S A PLOT! 16.Oct.2002 01:03


it's there to track every user by i.p. address. all the info is going into a master database being administered by the ford foundation and the cia. somebody hacked the imc server! it's carnivore! it's echelon! it's something even worse! they're honing in on you with the spy satellites even as you read this. you must turn off your computer before they find you! wait what's that? it's awfully late for someone to be stopping by? i thought i locked the door! footsteps, footsteps coming down the hallway, booming like drums, drums in the deep! who's that? who the hell is that? i -- no, i won't go -- let me go -- you don't have the right to -- argghheeeeiiiiiiaaaeeeeeh!!

thud! <click>

Part of the mystery explained 16.Oct.2002 01:06

noticing something odd

As I hypothesized, it appears to be used for editing. I looked at the full source of the browser code (on IE, just go to the "view" menu and select "view source") and found the relevant code (see the red box in the picture I'm posting). This appears to be nothing more than an administrative tool and is harmless and normal. However, it's "bad programming" to have this visible, and certainly odd to have "EHS" showing up in little graphics (stands for "Edit" "Hide" or "Show" story).

Also, it appears that Portland Indymedia is using a for digit alphanumeric password for that box (and I assume that the administrator screen comes up after someone enters the correct password). I would hope that who ever introduced this code this week made it alphanumeric in the least. A 4 digit numeric password is not hard to crack, and the password should be 10 digits in any event -- in the least.

Portland editorial dudes, get on this. You need to talk to the tech dudes.
Part of the mystery explained
Part of the mystery explained

it is used to edit posts 16.Oct.2002 01:10

edit help

None of the above - those boxes are used to edit erronious, duplicated and otherwise unneeded posts.

Puff of Smoke 16.Oct.2002 01:11

Grand Wizard

Do not look at that little box down in the corner!

Been wondering about that myself 16.Oct.2002 01:12


Not quite sure what it is, but I have noticed that the composters are doing a wonderful job of keeping the "screw you tattooed, tree-hugging, homo liberals" posts from cluttering up the site. Looks like our esteemed visitors may just have to return to other acts of bravery against the liberal hordes, like shouting abuse from moving vehicles at people on foot, or maybe getting together with some friends so they can beat up someone wearing a "Don't Attack Iraq" button.

don't be a retard (but you did make me laugh) 16.Oct.2002 01:14

noticing something odd

Funny post... . The thing is, the NSA and kind don't need anything to be done by any website for tracking what users see. They can accomplish that by "traps" at major network routers / Network Access Points, and they indeed do this (research this on the web if you want to know more). They do other things too, like getting ISP's to specifically put traps on individual accounts -- more an example of what the FBI does and the reason why people are concerned about the "Patriot" Act's new powers for direct wiretapping.

The cookie idea I had was just a passing thought.

Portland Indymedia isn't in some kind of plot here. The reason I posted my original message was to point out bad web programming, and to also couch it in the context of the recent brouhaha about editing some posts into the compost bin, etc. It's also nice for websites to make public disclosures about how they process stories, etc.

legalize it 16.Oct.2002 01:17

eco groovy blonde dread boy

"EHS" stands for "Eat Hemp Seed". There are many health benefits to including hemp seed in a balanced diet.

Why, at motherhempseed.com, they tell us: "Hemp seed has been described by many as a "super-food" and for a long time has been an important food source for many cultures. Hemp seed is from the 'achene' family of fruits. It is an indehiscent fruit that is small and dry and usually contains an oily germ. Sunflower seeds are familiar examples of 'achenes'

"Hemp seed is delicious roasted on its own, used in baking and on salads. Another main use is to make milk, tofu, flour, butter and pasta. Hemp is comparable to soya beans for protein content and to our knowledge there is no genetic tampering within the hemp varieties."

Not only that but, "Hemp oil is a rich source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) - Omega 6 linoleic , Omega 3 alpha linolenic and Gamma Linolenic acid (GLA) that are important for optimum health in the body. EFAs cannot be produced by the body itself and are vital for the structure and functions of tissues in the body."

Industrial hemp needs to be made legal! You can make paper, clothes, and many other useful household products.

And of course, as a pro-hemp activist, I have no interest at all in pushing for the legalization of marijuana. Oh no, of course not. This isn't about the fact that I just want to sit around on my ass getting high, playing Doom, and listening to Widespread Panic. Oh no, no me. I'm totally serious about this industrial hemp thing for it's health and commercial uses only, and not for any other reason. Really.

[ flick! - gurgle gurgle gurgle - COUGH ]

Uh, yeah.

Take a bath, you dirty hippie 16.Oct.2002 01:31

Big Fat White Bush Admiring Trollox

This is totally off-subject, but I just wanted to mention that I think all you dirty hippies should take a bath. I'll go ahead and tack a comment like this on every single newswire item right now just to clutter up the site and bring down the level of discourse everywhere. And I'll count on you stupid liberals to defend my "right" to do so and demand that Portland IMC people leave every single piece of trash up here. I might also pose as a liberal and make the "censorship" complaint myself, just to stir things up. Who cares that Indymedia was created because the corporate media tells lies and ignores all the important stories. Indymedia should put up with all the crap in the name of some hyper-intellectualized ideal instead of striving to be a place for truth, even if that ideal destroys the ability of Indymedia to be that place anymore. You'll all be able to say you stood firm on your principles while yet another great resource goes down the drain. Sound good? I knew I could depend on you.

Oh, and one more thing: GET A JOB!




Nurse: Ok, Andud, that's enough for tonight. Time for your pills! Let me wipe that spittle off your face. There there. Now put your thesaurus away and go to bed.

Don't be so violent! 16.Oct.2002 01:53

NW 23rd

I can't believe how violent it is that Portland IMC has added a function to "hide" "edit" and "show" posts. That all sounds so violent to me. Why can't they just have properly permitted posts on the site that stay on the sidewalk and stop at the blinking Don't Walk (before the light has even turned). Think of how *everyone* will be alienated by the violence of this function! I mean, all the other white middle class people who I run into at Zupan's. Shame shame on Portland IMC! Didn't we all warn you about this? Tsk tsk tsk.

SMASH THE LITTLE BOX 16.Oct.2002 01:57


The little box represents CAPITALISM and must be SMASHED! get out of the way, whiny liberals!

All an illusion 16.Oct.2002 02:03

Swami Ubetchananda

That little box is an illusion. You are an illusion. You and the box are one.

you should talk, &quot;noticing something odd&quot; 16.Oct.2002 02:08


you should talk about bad code, "noticing something odd" -- you're using Internet Exploiter on Micro$oft Windoze. not a way to get cred with the geeks, dude. switch to linux. now. then come back and talk.

check it:

OpenSource alternatives to your Proprietary Software
7:39am Mon Jul 8 '02

On Open Source Code, Computers and the Revolution
7:10am Sun Jul 7 '02

Mobilize against Microsoft's 'final solution' for owning the internet
4:56pm Wed Jul 3 '02

End Corporate Dominance- free your computer!
3:32pm Sat Jun 29 '02

Support Open Source software
2:32pm Mon Jun 10 '02

Microsoft attacks schools, linux adocates provide alternatives
10:42am Tue May 28 '02




That little box happens to be where I live. FACT!

So fuck off!

microsoft 16.Oct.2002 02:16

noticing something odd

I agree with you. This isn't my computer. I'm just using what I'm on at the moment



i demand that the imc editors hide all posts where people are impersonating me, the really actually bona fide lamet vali! i will sue you otherwise. fact! so you know this is the real lamet vali, here's my picture. fact! it's really me this time! fact! and you're all really sick of me and all the people making fun of me! fact!

Ditty 16.Oct.2002 02:23

Regees Etep

Litle boxes
On the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky
Little boxes
Little boxes
Little boxes all the same

Theres a green one
and a red one
and a blue one
and a yellow one
and they're all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same

Editing buttons 16.Oct.2002 03:07

what those things are

Those buttons are for the Indymedia collective to hide or edit a particular message. The Main Indymedia web section also has these buttons on the newswire.

ehs = especially horrendously small 16.Oct.2002 06:53

let me out!

the box is too small, i cannot breathe, it's dark in here. let me out!

it's a cat box 16.Oct.2002 19:29


Schroedinger's Cat

On June 7 of 1935, Erwin Schroedinger wrote to Albert Einstein to congratulate him on what is now known as the EPR paper, a famous problem in the interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Soon thereafter, he published what was to become one of the most celebrated paradoxes in quantum theory:
Schroedinger's Cat

A cat is placed in a box, together with a radioactive atom. If the atom decays, and the geiger-counter detects an alpha particle, the hammer hits a flask of prussic acid (HCN), killing the cat. The paradox lies in the clever coupling of quantum and classical domains. Before the observer opens the box, the cat's fate is tied to the wave function of the atom, which is itself in a superposition of decayed and undecayed states. Thus, said Schroedinger, the cat must itself be in a superposition of dead and alive states before the observer opens the box, ``observes'' the cat, and ``collapses'' it's wave function.

Feline Wave Functions

Schroedinger's Cat and the Environment:
Examples from Condensed Matter.
Dissipative Atomic Tunneling
Mossbauer effect
X-Ray edge effect
Kondo effect
Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling and Coherence


E. Schroedinger, Naturwiss. 23 807, (1935), translated to english in ``Quantum Theory and Measurement'', ed J.A. Wheeler and W.H. Zurek, Princeton Univ Press (1983)
Last modified: May 31, 1994

Ard Louis,  ardlouis@lassp.cornell.edu


I know! 17.Oct.2002 10:29

Burning Monk

Don't look at the box. It causes cancer of the optic nerve.