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10-16 daily Compost Bin

compost bin for spam stuff
here are the posts that have been composted today, if any (10/15). these posts are sorted to this bin so they take up less space on the newswire. portland indymedia is for people working to make positive change in the world in the struggle againt global corporate tyranny in all its forms, and posts on that theme should not be knocked off the newswire by spam posted up just to disrupt the site. . .

feel free to read and comment to them as you would any other posts.. .if you would like to contact editorial regarding spam policy email editorial:

imc-portland-editorial@indymedia.org previous compost bin

Scary, looks like Stalin was here 16.Oct.2002 10:10


I can't see why you censored, oops composted the 2nd article, unless this is a completely fabricated article. Let me get the door, looks like I'm off to the camos for some much needed re-education.


yes, it is fabricated 16.Oct.2002 10:41


yes, it is a fabricated story

Please Elaborate 16.Oct.2002 14:33


By fabricated story, do you mean to say that the author, Vanessa Gray, is a ficticious person? that there was no-one named Andy Rice working at the Portland IMC, who was subsequently thrown out? that the claims against the editorial staff are false? that this is a complete work of fiction? Please clarify, indyed.

That someone would take the time to write an article such as this, just for fun, is hard to believe. That someone would take the time to write an article such as this, simply to disrupt the IMC, is pretty incideous.

This article doesn't seem to violate the guidelines. Why wasn't it left on the newswire, and rebutted by the IMC staff in a comment?

Very strange. I don't know how to read this activity.

Reply 16.Oct.2002 17:32


The paragraph at the top of the article by 'Vanessa Gray' is an inflammatory set of half-truths and mostly lies designed to sow discord. The rest is an email sent months ago and used to give credence to the top paragraph. There have been quite a few of these sort of false and inflammatory posts whose sole purpose is to disrupt and create conflict and wasted energy.

It is insidious and I understand that people in the community, not knowing details, could be confused and want answers. Do note that there have been such inflammatory posts going up almost daily for a while.

Please all, take a deep breath, relax, the site is fine, it is not being hacked, the group of people contributing to imc are fine and are not infiltrated, there isn't the slightest talk of requiring email log-in or other such crap, and you would be hard pressed to find a group of people more dedicated to the vision of indymedia, and the hard work required to make it happen.

If people are concerned, take the time to come to an editorial meeting where we can talk face to face. Then there is a fair commitment from all people concerned. Otherwise there is a potential pool of thousands of people reading and posting to the site, asking questions which are fast to type but which require a long time to answer by a few hard working volunteers, and this sort of question is occuring more than once a day.