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Campaign contributions: how the Anti-War movement can go on the offensive

The anti-war movement can prevent war if we hand Bush a stunning political defeat in November. Here's how we can do it.
In order to stop this war, we need to get on the offensive. That means dealing Bush a major political blow in November. Voting for anti-war candidates is not enough; we need to support anti-war candidates through campaign contributions.

Two ways we can do this:

1) Contribute to anti-war Congressional candidates through MoveOn PAC:

2) Deal the President a personal blow by helping to defeat his Brother in the Florida campaign. Send your check (for less than $100) to:

McBride for Governor
P.O. Box 300
Tampa, FL 33601

Be sure to enclose a letter stating that you are contributing to the McBride campaign as a protest against George Bush's war mongering. Send a copy of that letter to President Bush, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

(McBride campaign site:  http://www.mcbride2002.com/index.asp )

A series of political defeats for the President at the hands of the anti-war movement will send a powerful message: war in Iraq is *politically dangerous*. Defeat for the President in November, at the hands of the anti-war movement, may mean no war in Iraq *after* November.

Please pass it on.