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Make campaign contributions to anti-war Congressional candidates

The pro-war side is using the war as a campaign issue. Help fight back by making campaign contributions to anti-war candidates.
Stolen outright from the MoveOnPac.org email. So far they have raised $400k total including $180k for the Wellstone campaign. Every single dollar we can give anti-war candidates helps to defeat the Bush agenda.

I contributed $200 to anti-war candidates; how much can you contribute?


Dear MoveOn Member,

In the wake of last Thursday's vote on Iraq, the Bush Administration
and the Republican far right are going on the offensive. The
President would like nothing more than to demonstrate that when
Democrats speak out against the President's endless war, they

Senator Paul Wellstone's predicament is typical. Wellstone is in the
political fight of his life -- slightly behind in the polls to a
far-right candidate flush with cash and hand-picked by Karl Rove to
remove him from office. Wellstone knew that if he voted against the
resolution, his opponent would seize on the issue, unleashing a
barrage of attack ads and accusations. But despite the enormous
pressure to capitulate, Wellstone spoke his conscience and voted
against the war: "A pre-emptive go-it-alone strategy towards Iraq is
wrong. I oppose it."

For taking a stand under the most difficult of circumstances, Senator
Wellstone is nothing less than a hero. In the House, three heroic
Representatives in tight races also did the right thing. They deserve
our strong support. You can make a contribution directly to their
campaigns at:


After Thursday's unexpectedly divided House vote, the President must
be fuming. His political allies will do everything they can to take
revenge on the dissenters. If he can demonstrate that Representatives
and Senators who ask the hard questions don't get re-elected, Congress
will be even more equivocal when faced with hard choices in the

But the electoral sword cuts both ways. Paul Wellstone, Jay Inslee,
Rick Larsen and Rush Holt are in extremely tight races. A little more
money could easily put them over the top. And Wellstone's race is
being watched very closely -- it's a key to the Republican plans to
take over the Senate. If Wellstone wins because of an outpouring of
support for his stand on Iraq, it will signal to the right that their
electoral ploy on an Iraq war backfired. And it'll demonstrate to
Democrats that when you take a stand of conscience, your constituents
will reward you.

We've worked long and hard to stop a tragic war on Iraq. After a
difficult vote, rewarding the heroes who listened to our voices is
the right thing to do. It may also be the most important next step in
our campaign. We need to show the President that if he pursues Iraq,
he and his party are going to lose.

Give whatever you can. In these tight races, every dollar makes a
difference. You can support Paul Wellstone and the other
Congresspeople who took a stand right now at:


As strategists look back at this election over the years to come,
either they'll say, "President Bush manufactured a war and won at the
polls" or they'll say, "President Bush manufactured a war and lost at
the polls." Your gift today can make the difference.


--Wes Boyd and Eli Pariser
MoveOn PAC
October 14, 2002

homepage: homepage: http://www.moveonpac.org/moveonpac/viewcandidates.phtml

maybe we could all save our money 16.Oct.2002 18:46


maybe if all US citizens--those who care about peace and aren't selfish fucks--can pool our money (love, respect and understanding) and establish ourselves in some sort of territory. we'd have to watch our consumption, and guard against the influences of politics and religion, but i'm sure we'd be able to manage without the politicos and the bible thumpers.