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Does anything humans do really matter?

In the scheme of the universe does anything we do really matter? Its seems as though in the beginning of the human adventures life was much simpler. Back then life was all about pure survival but now everything revolves around thinking about every single thing thats happening on the planet while forgetting about simple reality...
What if somehow you were suddenly able to pilot some type of highly advanced spacecraft which enabled you to travel at nearly the speed of light and explore the universe with impunity, unfettered by the all of the pathetic problems that plague this planet of useless eaters? What would happen to all of the humans that were left on earth? Would they actually cease to exist or would you?

After a while would it end up being similar to the situation wherein if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it fall does it still make a sound? In other words, if you were able to just keep going away from here at a high rate of speed would this place actually cease to exist in reality because of the fact that the speed you travel causes a direct distortion in time and space?
This is the first good question you've posed 15.Oct.2002 13:58


But I'll have to get back to you on that... it's a complex, nearly unresolvable question.

Right on! 15.Oct.2002 13:58


Yeah, look at the holocaust! Most of those people would have been dead by now anyway.

A Ridiculous Post 15.Oct.2002 14:51

my name

Well, if you don't care about every person as a human being, certainly it doesn't matter what we do. I mean, who but could be ashamed of being the first species to knowingly create its own oblivion? We're just people, we're all going to die anyway, so why try to be right, right? Such 'logic' is ridiculous, selfish, and short sighted. Dinosaurs may have had brains merely the size of a walnut, but they didn't commit suicide. Maybe your 'logic' is right though, I like breathing poison chemicals; I like drinking arsenic and mercury; I like eating pesticides and other unknown contaminates. This is 'progress' after all, isn't it??

I think... 15.Oct.2002 15:21


I think that actually YOU would cease to exist because you would come to lose all memories and any frames of reference or objects with which to create new ones. You would not be human without any confreres.

Proof that Trilox smokes weed 15.Oct.2002 15:51


Hey Trilox, you been hittin' the hootch?