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Oct26th2002: PortlandOR upstages NewYork,SF,DC - four word chant

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get the word out 15.Oct.2002 10:50


Umm guys I've been hearing about some "giant anti-war march" on the 26th...why doesn't someone publish the provisions of it? I want to know where it is, what time, and whats gonna happen...a little help please?

RealityCheck-says chanting idiot hisself[sic] 16.Oct.2002 14:47

Glen - mea culpa - time to own up theKnownUniverse@yahoo.com

my ear to [what i think is] the grapevine, it seems there won't even be a fizzle in PortlandOR Oct 26th - i think there are some people arranging some kind of carpool minivanning something-or-other trekking to San Francisco Oct26th.
***** Thur eve Oct 17th, 7 pm ***** THERE IS a community meeting for folk who built the ten thousand strong NO WAR demo in Portland Oct 5th, at Koinonia House (PSU 'campus ministries') sw Broadway at Montgomery; somebody there can clue you in

503 287 3473
real address is going too far even for me