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Photo of Osama Sighting

Photo of Osama Sighting
Photo of Osama Sighting
and this guy always cards you! 15.Oct.2002 09:10


I knew something was the matter as I stumbled to the register with my 2 40oz's of King Cobra - the clerk looked at me sternly, "May I see your i.d. please?" uh oh. I tried playing it cool, "Uhh I left it at home accidentally I come in here all the time, I showed it to you last night." he replied "That's not possible sir I only began working here today."
I began to have an uneasy feeling - this guy looked strangely familiar kinda like this guy they keep showing on TV, Omama? Okasa? The previous King Cobra's I had ingested were blurring my ablility to think clearly not to mention see clearly. "I am sorry sir but as you can see on the sign NO ID no alcohol, sorry." That's when it dawned on me I knew who this man was, "Hey you're that dude!" he looked surprised but kept his cool "What dude? He replied "That one dude the guy we're all supposed to hold responsible for that bad stuff that happened last year!" He chuckled - Out of the corner of my I spied a copy of Time magazine with his likeness on the cover I grabbed it and held it up to his face, he sighed heavily "Ok you got me but hey I'm just trying to live my life now you know, Tell you what if you don't say anything I'll let you have your King Cobra's on the house ." I thought about it for a minute - "OK I guess, but you behave yourself from now on, and I'd really suggest shaving that beard off buddy."

Funny little buttons 15.Oct.2002 21:01

Equine Johnson

Thats just as silly as thinking ths E.L.F. are not too hippy to use guns and kill the shit out of lumberbarons and grab Monsanto buttholes and burn them alive!sheesh gimmi a break.