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daily Compost Bin 10-15

here are the posts that have been composted today, if any (10/15). these posts are sorted to this bin so they take up less space on the newswire. portland indymedia is for people working to make positive change in the world in the struggle againt global corporate tyranny in all its forms, and posts on that theme should not be knocked off the newswire by spam posted up just to disrupt the site. . .
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previous compost bin (10/13) 15.Oct.2002 18:16

indy ed

Simpsons Edit.... 16.Nov.2003 19:31

miami citizen

Tonight as all members of my household do , i sat to watch the simpsons.
There were obvious refrences to protesting...and riot, as with when bart threw a brick at the window and it bounced back and hit him in the face. Most importantly though when the school principal fooled lisa into signing away funding for music the arts and gym by promising her a key to study everywhere in the school, he made a comment which was edited out by Comcast cable or fox or someone, at least in the miami area.

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Free Speech?