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They Don't Want Discounts? Give them Television!
Representatives from the office preparing for the NATO summit have contacted shopping centers on the outskirts of Prague to negotiate special discounts during the NATO summit in order to lure the masses away from downtown Prague during the important world decisionmaking.
Helena Bambasova, the economic director of the office, told Czech News Agency CTK that the sales are just one of the "attempts to offer citizens possible activities away from the city centre."
The office is also thinking about contacting all four Czech television stations to broadcast extra attractive programs during the summit to keep people home.
There was no mention of alternative entertainment for the anarchists who are planning demonstrations in the center of town, or for the out of towners who plan to join these demonstrations. The best entertainment will be supplied by border control who are not expected to let everyone over the Czech border, and 12,000 police who will be dressed in Darth Vader costumes to protect the summit from democracy.

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Where's Prague? 15.Oct.2002 15:11


I have contacted indymedia reps with respect to the absence of a link to Prague. I was told that it had failed and was in the process of reanimating. When I go to the site, it is active. Meanwhile, when I go to the Hawaii site, the crickets seem to have taken up residence. I hope the collective will spend some resources to add links to active sites. Prague publishes many articles in english, and appears to have a huge action coming up in the near future.