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Where is this compost bin?

Where the hell is this thing?
There should be an easy to find link right up front where I can go read posts that have been censored. This sucks.

i agree 14.Oct.2002 23:37

a friend

i agree that the compost bin should be an easier to find link on the front page rather than a floating newswire post.

just my 2 centavos.

hmmm 15.Oct.2002 02:05


if there is a link on the front page, then it could lead to a single page, and on that page could be links to the daily compost bins.

this way the front page link does not need to be changed everyday (burdensome), however the downside is that the hidden articles are then two links away rather than one currently. . .


A Compost Bin Page 15.Oct.2002 06:28


Indyed's idea for a compost bin page is a good one. It should be real easy to spot on the front page. And I got an idea for the name of the compost bin page: "The Rotten Garden."

make a feature page for the bin 15.Oct.2002 08:05

compost happens

i've been looking for that bin too - not because i am interested in reading the posts, but so that those crying censorship can see the visible link, easily, effortlessly.

i vote to have a features page such as the A22 Bush Protest, Animal Rights, etc. pages.

To Indyed 15.Oct.2002 13:48

Knee Deep


No Way! 15.Oct.2002 17:14

Standard Fare

No way the Compost Bin should be with the other pages! It is in the compost bin cause its crap and it should not be alongside the important and needed info in the feature pages!