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Call For True Food

Call Safeway on October 15, 2002 to demand and end to genetically engineered foods!
Call For True Food!
Tuesday, October 15th
All Day

Join NWRAGE in the "Call For True Food." On Tuesday, October 15th, leading up to our "National Week of Action," Oct. 26 -- Nov. 2, people across the country will be calling their local Safeways to demand an end to the use of genetically engineered food in Safeway's house brand products. By calling on Oct. 15th, we can keep the pressure on while we prepare for what promises to be the largest "Week of Action" yet for the supermarket campaign.

Let's build up the pressure on Safeway's CEO, Steven Burd to do the right thing and remove untested, unwanted genetically engineered ingredients from their store brands!

Steven Burd's Phone Number: 1-800-723-3929

Portland Division Office: 503-656-1461

Please feel free to call your local Safeway as well! There are 35 in the Portland area alone. If you are not sure what to say here is an example. Please add your own personal touch.


Hi, my name is ________. I am calling to ask that Safeway remove genetically engineered ingredients in your house brand products (Safeway Select). I am a concerned shopper and am very upset that you have allowed these untested and unwanted genetically engineered ingredients placed in your store's products.

phone: phone: 503-239-6841