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Censor the right wingers

Censor the right wing hate spitters
Normaly I am not for censorship, but in the case of these right wingers that have been filling this sight with Nazi right wing zionist horseshit, I say KICK THEM OFF. This was origanlly a sight for us to exchange thoughts feelings and information on rallys and protests. No wit has become a pissing contest between us and these right wings spammers like Lamet Valie, The Goat B.A. and Trilox. I say to the editors " censor these asshole, they are ruining this whole sight." I have noticed that we have been so distracted by these Trolls that we have lost the primary ethics that this sight was founded upon.
Huh? 14.Oct.2002 21:57


"the primary ethics that this sight was founded upon"

What might those be? Is there a link where I can read those?

Primary Ethics? 14.Oct.2002 22:14

Fat White Republican(dredge earth first)

So the Primary ethics are going to be cast by the wayside, and a Stalinist approach is now required?

We had to burn the village in order to save it??

Come guys, if you can't handle a couple harmless fuzz balls like us, how do you expect to go up against a real intellectual opponent?

Maybe Ralph Nader should just Censor his debate broadcasts when the heat gets turned up??

This is a private website, and the owners can flush guys like us fast, but that only leaves you pink wieners to suck your own propaganda tail pipes...

Nazi-Zionist? 14.Oct.2002 22:23



Isn't that a contradiction in terms?

Sorry, I've never met a Nazi-Zionist.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought a Nazi was a National Socialist, who believed in a fascist state, and a Zionist is someone who believes that Jews are entitled to live in their ancestral homeland in the middle east.

So way is a Nazi-Zionist?

Is that like that cartoon my 4 year old watches called "CatDog" On the cartoon network?

Typical 14.Oct.2002 22:32


Those who feel oppressed, marginalized, or victimized too often act to oppress, marginalize, and victimize others as soon as they have a position of power or trust. They justify this by saying their cause is just and the rights or ideas of others can be ignored in order so serve a greater good. Sadly, I see this attitude reflected on Indymedia, during demonstrations downtown, and on a daily basis in the streets of Portland. This is sad because it makes activists look like nothing more than a special interest group with no better morals than those currently in charge.

Ignore the stupid spammers. Let the petty and pitiful chatter about petty and pitiful issues. Focus on walking the talk. Show some integrity.

I agree 14.Oct.2002 23:08

Info Terrorism

I agree, all these spammers want to do is fuck up this site with thier capitalist loving propaganda. Keep them out of Indy Media

Rightwingers 14.Oct.2002 23:18

Michael McCarthy ferret@surffast.com

Look towards the Free Republic (Freerepublic.com.) Free Republic people are called FReepers, and the activity called "disruption" by them is called "FReeping."

<p>I have monitored the site since 1998. They post polls to "FReep" to give them better results. Jim Robinson has blocked any article postings from any Indymedia outlet because they are too left of their political beliefs.

<p>That forum has been around a long time and has a huge membership and hit count. They have internal E mail functions at Free Republic, and anarchists such as myslf are banned when recognized.

<p>I have absolutely no doubt some or most of Indymedia.org's woes come from that site. I would bet money on it. (I was "ferret" there before I was kicked.)

Nazi/Zionists run Israel 15.Oct.2002 00:12

you've met them butthole!

Dear FWR:

The current rulers of Israel are pure national socialist (nazi) Zionists. if you think you have never met them, you are sadly mistaken, or too ignorant to know the truth when you see it. They are people like sharon, netanyahu, et al.

How is it that you cannot see that the Israeli "leadership" over the years have taken the holocaust and set it on its ear, becoming in the process like the original german nazi war machine.

some of the things they have in common: rounding up a despised enemy (jews first, palestinians now) in large ghettos and concentration camps and denying that their hated enemies are humans worthy of dignity, respect, and survival. after all, they are animals right?

Give me a f*****g BREAK!!!!! 15.Oct.2002 07:28

Relatively Exact

Oh, come on, people!
If this is truly an open forum, then everyone is entitled to express his or her opinion here regardless of his or her political leanings, race, nationality, sexual orientation, shoe size, I.Q. level, choice of breakfast cereal, whatever.
Resorting to censorship would torpedo this site's primary reason for existing in the first place!

If you don't like what the so-called trolls are saying, feel free to laugh at them and scroll on past. (Or, heaven forbid, take a quick gander just in case one of them provides some fuel for a genuine argument!)

Censorship - NO 15.Oct.2002 09:25


Rarely would I agree with the spammers such as FWR, but we should be able to deal with a few "fuzz balls" without losing perspective. It just keeps you sharp. Admittedly, many of the comments are not much more than playground bullying. If you don't like it, just ignore the comment, i.e., don't respond. If anything, those individuals that are obviously disruptive and posting ideas that are clearly fascist, they will be transparent to the world. If that is what they believe, let the truth be out there. There no law against stupidity. Probably an effective use of the compost bin would work as long as it is easily accesible.

Zionism and Nazism 15.Oct.2002 17:23


Actually, while contemporary proponents of each of these ideologies tend to harbor a strong dislike for one another, there is no inherent contradiction between their tenets. Nazis believe in the creation of an ethnically-pure "homeland" dominated by "Aryans," Zionists in the creation and maintenance of a "Jewish state," i.e. one dominated by those of Jewish ethnicity, on the soil of what they consider a Jewish homeland. A person could conceivably agree with and advocate both goals without contradicting themselves.

A historical example would be the proposal of Yitzhak Shamir and the Irgun for an alliance with Nazi Germany in light of the obstacle then presented to the goals of both Nazis and Zionists by the policies of the British government.

(source:  http://www.wrmea.com/jews_for_justice/holocaust.html)

Thought I'd try to answer your question. Hope that helps.

reply 15.Oct.2002 18:40


posting such articles repeatedly also becomes a distraction and become like spam as well. . .

please refrain from posting these things everyday. . .if you have a comment to make, add it to the compost bin article, that is why we put it there, for comment. . .otherwise the article too, takes up newswire space. . .there are 3 posts about the compost bin on the newswire and only 2 posts in the bin today. . .at least if there is a new article up about the bin, dont add another right by it

with the newswire moving faster than ever, and so many stories of importance to stay informed about, we can also help keep the newswire focused. . .