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AUDIO FILE: Stanley Cohen Presentation At PSU.

Cohen, the lawyer for local spiritual leader, Sheik Kariye, addressed a large gathering on Saturday evening, October 12, 2002 at Portland State University. This was his second presentation, and, though containing some of the material from his first presentation, proved again to be both humorous and inspiring.
The talk lasted 90 minutes or so, but this audio file is from the last 54 minutes, containing the bulk of the new material
During this presentation, Cohen gives penetrating and often comical descriptions of the FBI, CIA, ATF, NSA, and other governmental agencies. Besides this, Cohen addresses many of the terms involved in judicial process: search warrents, subpenoas, material witness, secret evidence, and others. Through it all he stresses that we all have the right to 'just say no' to government officials when they request that we speak with them. He said that he knows of no one who has talked themselves out of trouble, but many who have inadvertantly talked themselves into trouble.
95% of the people who are detained, arrested, jailed, prosecuted -speaking here more specifically to the Muslim community- are charged with purjury and obstruction of justice. 'Just say no.' He further states that, though police officers often coax us, stating that if we have nothing to hide we should be willing to speak with them, that police officers, government officials, and politicians all always ask for lawyers when they get into trouble. We have the same right.
Responding to the fact that he has been called a self hating Jew because of his stance against Zionism, he makes the observation that if a Jew goes against the policies of Israel they are called self hating Jews; and if they are not Jews they are called anti-semetic. Cohen states that his Judaism is not the Judaism of Sharon or the IDF.
Though almost an hour in length, this presentation moves quickly, being both entertaining and enlightening, drawing on both his vast law and personal anecdotal experiences.

The link provided takes you to a page where this and other audio files, including an earlier presentation and a recent interview with Cohen, are located.

homepage: homepage: http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org/audio.htm

Precious Words and Mind 12.Feb.2006 00:44

Mona Rashed umazain65@hotmail.com

I have read this article more than once enjoying the meaning and messages given within it. I value a world in which a free minded/spirited man like Stanley Cohen lives in. I wish to meet or contact this intelligent, humane person just to be able to show the thanks and admiration towards him.