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imperialism & war

October 26th ?s

The calender says that on October 26th there is going to be big demos in DC and in San Fran. I've also heard that people are going to go to the capital and do something there. What is going on? I would love to see an anti-War protest every third Saturday in the South Park blocks, but thats just me.

I heard the last Friday get together of PPRC at Pioneer Sqr was great, keep it up.

October 26 Planning in Southern Oregon 14.Oct.2002 13:20


Here in Southern Oregon folks are planning on car pooling to San Francisco. There was even talk of getting a bus. I know of a couple folks who are going to D.C.. But, most locals will be participating in a solidarity STOP THE WAR MARCH to be held here in Ashland. People will gather at noon in Triangle Park on Siskiyou Blvd., and then after several brief but fiery speeches will march to Lithia Square in the plaza of downtown Ashland.

I suspect that in addition to the big events planned for SF and DC, that in hundreds of places across this country, there will be solidarity events taking place.

In unity and seeking peace,

southern oregon

wanting to go to SF from PDX 14.Oct.2002 13:27

jayson dunlap31@hotmail.com

I am wanting to go to the SF protests from Portland. however, i have not heard of any carpools or caravans to get there. if anyone is planning to go to SF from portland or vicinity and has extra space i would appreciate knowing about it. i can be reached at the email above.

looking for a ride... 14.Oct.2002 14:02


hey folks- I am also looking for a ride to the san fran protests, or rather a ride back. There is be a peace caucus meeting this week, On thursday the 17th at 7pm in the campus ministries building at PSU- I think there would be a good place to plan a carpool down to san fran.

Any news on a possible bus pool from PDX?

Also planning a local action for 10/26 14.Oct.2002 15:32

Donald Rumsfeld

Plans are moving ahead for a march/direct action against the war in Portland (probably Noon at Pioneer Square) on the 26th. But we don't want to discourage folks from going to San Francisco for the ANSWER rally.

The ANSWER site 14.Oct.2002 19:31


The ANSWER site lists a bizarre array of places to stay. And I didn't see anything where they're trying to link up local protestors and travelling people, like the G8 protests do.

Anyway, I live in the sticks in Oakland, a bus and BART ride from the city, although I'll be driving over to BART, no doubt. I could fit one person on a couch and then there's the livingroom floor. Probably I could take a total of 3 people (what my housemates might put up with and what could fit in my car).

If someone *is* interested, and we could figure out what is the best way to get connected, maybe post here and I'll keep checking back.


pdx to sf, etc 14.Oct.2002 19:33

The One True b!X

I have had no luck thus far with any local groups. No one apppears to be yet planning any group-rate bus trips to the SF march. I still haven't managed to get hold of any Quaker organizations, which might be the best bet because they are often the ones who put group trips to these thigns together. So if anyone has any contacts in that regard, pls try to see if they are up to anything.

It's actually mildly annoying to me. All these groups are against the war, but no one seems to want to put their weight behind getting actual large number of bodies down to this march, which to date is the only announced major national march against the war.

Where ARE they all?