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Yesterday's "The Boondocks"

Yesterday's The Boondocks says it all
Yesterday's "The Boondocks"
Yesterday's "The Boondocks"
thanx! 14.Oct.2002 13:36


i needed that!

Heil Democracy! 14.Oct.2002 14:46

anon anar

I swear, the fetishization of democracy amongst the Western left is as pathological as the right's obsession with John Locke's "If I change it with my labor, then I own it." Hey folks, ever think that just because something sounds nice to you doesn't mean you should stick with it if the consequences are disasterous? Ever notice that this "democratic" system pre Bush was allready taking us to utter appocolpse on every level from local to around the world? Ever think to look to decision making proccesses outside yer sacred cow? There's a world of options...

Comparing Bush with Hitler is Outrageous 14.Oct.2002 14:52

Regime Change in America

Hiter was much more intelligent and charismatic...

Check out the following link to and essay by Dave McGowan with suggests the historical links between Fascist Americanism and Nazism.

Not only did Wall St. Banks finance the rise of Nazism in Germany the 1930s BUT ALSO they provided the ideological and legal justifications for Nazism itself--long before Hitler himself became a well known figure.

Bush isn't Hitler... 14.Oct.2002 16:16


....I think he's more like Albert Speer, the yes-man who rose to the top of the Nazi hierarchy, and avoided execution with his personal charm.