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The beginning of organizing an anarchist network in portland

Friday Oct.11th was the second anarchist discussion group meeting at the laughing horse bookstore. We discussed organizing an anarchists network/community, and a text by Bookchin.
Every week at laughing horse books, there are anarchist discussion group meets at 7pm. Thus far the goals have been two fold, to eventually move towards creating a solidarity and support network amongst anarchist and anachistic groups in portland, and to discuss anarchist texts in a group environment.

Next week there will be a potluck (so bring some food if your able to) and we will discuss Kropotkin's piece "Anarchism" from the Encyclopedia Britannica from 1910. The meetings are open to all regardless of foreknowledge about anarchism or whatever.
"network" :) 14.Oct.2002 12:09


it was a little obscure as to what this means. It is going to be an ongoing project to develop what everyone wants to get out of this. Some things suggested were: a website like ones on infoshop, prison and political dissent support, mutual support between worker owned/managed businesses, organizations, and groups. Everything is open as to what we want to do, offer, and produce.

Organized Anarchy? 14.Oct.2002 15:11


Excuse me for my ignorance, but isn't Organized Anarchy an oxymoron?

Anarchy? 14.Oct.2002 15:43

Bush Admirer

Anarchy must have a different meaning to you than it does to me.

My dictionary says:

an·ar·chy Pronunciation Key (nr-k)
n. pl. an·ar·chies

1. Absence of any form of political authority.
2. Political disorder and confusion.
3. Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.

\An"arch*y\, n. [Gr. ?: cf. F. anarchie. See Anarch.] 1. Absence of government; the state of society where there is no law or supreme power; a state of lawlessness; political confusion.

Spread anarchy and terror all around. --Cowper.

2. Hence, confusion or disorder, in general.

There being then . . . an anarchy, as I may term it, in authors and their re?koning of years. --Fuller.
Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.

Correct B admirer 14.Oct.2002 15:50

Bush admirer admirer

Maybe you two should go beyond the dictionary to learn about a rich history of political/social theory and practice. AN ARCHY - without authority, requires much organization.

Take A Deep Breath 14.Oct.2002 16:42

Anarchy Student for Life

Give it a break. "Excuse me for my ignorance, but isn't Organized Anarchy an oxymoron?" and BA's in-depth dictionary research are both signs of an almost complete lack of knowledge of the philosophy of anarchism. These are exactly the types of people who need to be reading about anarchism and its benefits and going to these meetings. I think they're a great idea (these meetings) and, for one, am looking forward to going. Oh, and in parting, here's a snippet from Emma Goldman's essay "Anarchism": "Anarchism:- The philosophy of a new social order based on liberty unrestricted by man-made law; the theory that all forms of government rest on violence, and are therefore wrong and harmful, as well as unnecessary."

This in no way supercedes organization, compassion and progressive advance. In fact it embraces these concepts in a very human way. She also goes on to say that the philosophy of anarchism is ever elusive: it always rests on the intelligence of the individual or group to deal with a situation in the most beneficial manner. This cannot be done with a writ or constitution. It must be done in a healthy mind and by a healthy body.

. 14.Oct.2002 17:21


Remember BA:

Anarchy doesn't mean "NO RULES!" it means "NO RULERS!"

Oh Good 14.Oct.2002 18:17

Bush Admirer

>>>> Anarchy doesn't mean "NO RULES!" it means "NO RULERS!"

Oh Good! Thanks for explaining that.

I'm looking forward to the end of taxes, much much smaller government, the end of welfare and other entitlement programs, etc.

No more government hand in our pocket. Sounds great.

Great 14.Oct.2002 19:54


Bush Admirer; Good start, but what's good for the goose... That means no welfare for corporations either, that means no leaders like Bush who dictate actions against the will of the people and Supreme Courts that fix elections, et al...

dictionary.com is surprisingly accurate 14.Oct.2002 21:06

on this one

an·ar·chism Pronunciation Key (nr-kzm)
1. The theory or doctrine that all forms of government are oppressive and undesirable and should be abolished.

2. Active resistance and terrorism against the state, as used by [poster's note: see here that they say SOME and not ALL]some anarchists.

3. Rejection of all forms of coercive control and authority: "He was inclined to anarchism; he hated system and organization and uniformity" (Bertrand Russell).

Some anarchists will say "fuck anarchISM most of all" because of the inaction and stagnation created by long, drawn out arguments (sometimes leading to intense and counterproductive infighting) over the philosophy itself, but I think that to use this as a basic definition works well and is practical.

Don't even waste your time... 14.Oct.2002 21:55


When it comes to "Anarchists" you would be better off talking to a dog because at least some of the things that the dog did in response to your voice would make sense. On the other hand, I tried discussing the principles of anarchy with some of these folks who had a little shop down on 2nd and Burnside a number of years ago and what they had to say made absolutely no sense to me at all...

Of course maybe in a few years we will have civil unrest in America and then there will actually be a state of lawlessness and then I want to see how well these people do. I bet you they will be some of the first people to die...

hmm 15.Oct.2002 00:41


Well, Trilox, I think that depends on who you talk to. If you're talking to an idiot who calls her/himself an anarchist, then you might not get much sense out of them. However, if your goal is to get some sense out of an anarchist, then here's a great way to go about it: Post any questions you have to this comment line, and I will attempt to answer them whilst making as much sense as possible. I consider myself to be an anarchist (by my definition of the term, anyway), and would be happy to answer any questions you have.
If rational discourse is what you want, then here's your chance. I'm calling your bluff, let's see how you respond.

Strait from the fridge! 15.Oct.2002 16:40

Heck mbthink@hotmail.com

Trilox's post reminded me of this comic strip.
I'm super exited to see this this stuff get on feature! See you there! Would anyone dissagree with a flyer bieng made and posted at some of the houses around, maybee reading frenzy, that uses the picture on feature?
Strait from the fridge!
Strait from the fridge!

tri come on down 17.Oct.2002 10:37


Your welcome to come down anytime. Friday at 7:00 laughing horse books. We will try to make some sense to you.