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The Dockworkers' Struggle and International Solidarity of Labor

An article discussing the international issues and globalist implications of the Dockworkers contract struggles.
The Larger Issues in the Dockworkers' Strike In an article in "In These Times", David Moberg discusses why the Dockworkers' contract dispute is of international significance and of interest to anti-globalists. In the article, Moberg suggests that the PMA is colluding with anti-labor elements in the Bush administration to eliminate a unified West Coast bargaining unit, so that port owners could simply redirect their shipments to another port in the case of a strike. The risks of militarization of the ports and placing the docks under legislation that would outlaw strikes are also discussed. If Bush attempts to follow Reagan's example in the PATCO strike and break the union, labor solidarity will have its greatest test in decades. See the article at http://www.inthesetimes.com/issue/26/25/feature3.shtml

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