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Article Below About Conservative Activists Blocked From Opening, Censored

Click on it, and see what happens.
It's about 9 stories below this one. Any story that doesn't smear Bush, Cheney, or capitalism is automatically censored. This isn't fair! Does anyone out there care about this?
do i care? 14.Oct.2002 06:12

but feel free to let yourself turn red


Sure 14.Oct.2002 08:26

Bush Admirer

It's interesting that these left wing anti-American dissidents enjoy freedom of assembly, and the right to speak out against their own government.

No one in Iraq could do that (and remain healthy).

And, these Indymedia folks are very intolerant of majority opinions in this Democracy. They'll censor you in a heartbeat if you disagree with them.

actually, it was not composted 14.Oct.2002 08:42

indy contributor

whenever you see the 'no story to tell yet' that is a glitch and can be fixed (see the post in question now)

if we decide to hide something, it will go in the compost bin for that day. . .we will be straightforward about it

additionally, no posts are actually deleted. . .all the post that go in the compost bin can still be read, and commented on simply by clicking on the compost bin link

Hm. 14.Oct.2002 10:14

maxomai maxomai@aracnet.com

I side with the Indymedia moderators on this one. Persons such as Bush Admirer -- in spite of their claims of patriotism and representing the "majority opinion" -- are on this forum primarily to start trouble and insult people, not to communicate ideas. The Indymedia folks are perfectly within their First Amendment rights to gag these folks.

Now, does that mean that I like it? Not really. What I would prefer is for Bush Admirer to honor his word and leave this forum, for Trilox to come up with a better argument for war than "I'm doing this to piss off my hippie parents," and for other war supporters to come up with something substansive instead of merely displaying their stupidity for all to see.

Until that happens, I think moderation (or if you like, censorship) is a reasonable alternative.

Republican BA doesn't know about REPUBLIC? 14.Oct.2002 10:47


Um, even when people like Dubya's puppetmasters DON'T steal the election, we at best have a poorly-functioning REPUBLIC, not a democracy. One would think a REPUBLICAN would understand the difference...do they understand anything?

Bush Admirer Energizer Spammer 14.Oct.2002 12:04


Obviously you WERE'NT "censored" bush admirer because THERE YOU ARE-still spamming! You just keep spamming and spamming and spamming....

Thats rich... 14.Oct.2002 14:16


"for Trilox to come up with a better argument for war than "I'm doing this to piss off my hippie parents,""

Heh heh... thats a good one. Too bad for you they both bathe now on a regular basis and are Conservative Republicans...

Please Explain 14.Oct.2002 14:30

Left, Right, Left

Please explain for me, what is a troll? I don't get it. I have read "Why we are really going to war with Iraq!", and besides a few exaggerations, misleading claims, and inaccuracies, FWR raises some good points. Is a troll simply someone who disagrees with you? In act, FWR's points seemed more credible than some of the responses.

I think the FWR crack about 'warp-speed' was an intentional jest. I think a responder's comment that 'UFOs don't run on petrolium' seemed like they really believed it. I don't know whether or not UFO's exist, and I'm frankly more interested in other things. But these kind of statements have no more credibility than FWR's wildest claims, many of which, to me, seemed fairly tame and not beyond the realm of possibility. Besides, what proof can be offered that flying saucers DON'T run on petrolium?

There IS some room between 15 miles per gallon of gas, and moving at the speed of light. Warp travel has a major hurdle, at this time, called physics. General Motors can make a car that gets 100 miles per gallon, but the only folks that could afford them would rather drive a Navigator. Hydrogen powered vehicles are being introduced in the U.S. THIS YEAR. Problem is, not to many places to fill up at this time.

Yes there are alternative power advancements coming on line as we speak, and yes there are many real, but solvable technical problems with these advancements, that will have to be addressed. I sure hope this site doesn't become a forum just for folks that agree with each other. How boring, and pointless that would be. I've known people far less articulte, and much harder right than FWR, and they REALLY believed their trip. Are people here surprised by that?

Once again, why is FWR a troll? Am I a troll? Are the reactionary name-callers to FWR trolls?

About Time 14.Oct.2002 14:55

Fed up

Thank you to Hollow Point, Trilox, "BA" and The Goat. For once it is nice to see these tree hugging traitors put in their place.

I would love to see this sight taken over by normal, hard working patriotic people instead of these wackos that normally post on here.

If you notice the majority of them spout hate to all that have. This seems like the old, "if i can't have what you have then you can't have it either" whine.

Any way Thanks to the four of you.

Its back on now! 14.Oct.2002 15:23


The article about conservative activists is now able to open. But like several other articles, they disappear unless someone can quickly point out that the article is at risk of getting the scalpel by the editors. Let's keep making sure that the majority runs this website, not the editor who is turning into the absentee landlord by deleting people's articles like its some kind of video game!

boat drinks

Not your call... 14.Oct.2002 15:43


"Let's keep making sure that the majority runs this website, not the editor who is turning into the absentee landlord by deleting people's articles like its some kind of video game!"

I'm pretty sure they are paying for the servers so they can do as they feel. Free speech isn't protected when the site is privately owned dumbshit...

Happens all the time, to everyone's articles 14.Oct.2002 16:23

No-Doz Bukowski

This is a common bug, that happens often to posts. It happens to posts that I make sometimes, but I don't say shit about it, and the articles still reappear. You're giving in to your own paranoiac view of the world - nobody is out to get you. We aren't interested in what you have to say, but your post is clearly visible and the bug you're describing has been present in the system for as long as I've been reading Indymedia.

5000. - N.

You're right tril....except one more thing 14.Oct.2002 16:27

het malta lavi

they should be honest about that tril, and say that they operate the site just like they want to, including censorship. they shouldn't be girly-boys and tell everyone its an open forum when it is not

welcome to red media

how sweet tril 14.Oct.2002 17:20

edie eddie idi

now the conservative pantywastes are making up pet names for their alternate personalities.

if we decide to hide something??? 14.Oct.2002 19:45


if we decide to hide something??

at least you admit to.

You don't delete it you just exile the article to Siberia (compost bin)

Typical, and expected... .

I am Trilox... 14.Oct.2002 22:06


"now the conservative pantywastes are making up pet names for their alternate personalities."

I am Trilox. I post as Trilox and no one else. Anyone who took the time to compare my posts with other people that I know nothing about would see right away that they look different. I'm just giving my point of view and if you want to think I'm posting as all these different people then you are wrong...