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Ayman Al-Zawahri: U.S. War on Iraq Aims At Controlling Arab World

Latest news from kavkaz.org. Ayman Al-Zawahri interviewed by Al-Jazeera and other stories.

Regarding an upcoming strike on Iraq , Al-Qaeda spokesman Zawahri said that the military campaign against Iraq has other aims that extend to the entire Arab and Islamic world. It aims to destroy the military forces near Israel and also emphasize the Israeli military supremacy in the region, as it will alone have weapons of mass destruction, Al-Zawahri said, according to Al-Jazeera's website.

He said that the U.S. Congress has decided to split Saudi Arabia to different regions, including an eastern region, which has the major oil field and which will be under direct U.S. control. full story

More news:

Human meat for imperial belly

After Putin and Ivanov made belligerent statements about conducting strikes on Georgia, Tbilisi apparently gave up and they hurried to please the Kremlin vampires with handing five Chechen Mujahideen over to the hands of the Russian inquisition. Worried about that treacherous act, Chechen refugees who reside in the villages of Georgian Pankisi Gorge expressed a desire to move to any country that accepts them, because they fear that they may also be extradited to Russia. full story

Mujahideen shot down a helicopter

Chechen.org edition reported that mobile compounds of the Mujahideen shot down the aggressors' helicopter in the vicinity of the village of Aleroi. That information was reported referring to the Commander of Presidential Guard, who called the editorial staff and reported that the helicopter was shot down with an Igla (Needle) portable rocket launcher. full story

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ha 13.Oct.2002 23:05


Kavkaz has zero credibility. They make up their news and it's not even halfway believable.

What a bunch of crap... 13.Oct.2002 23:08


Why you come posting that kavkaz junk here? I only hope Russia puts a tactical nuke into the Pankisi Gorge and get rid of the chechen cowards once and for all...

trilox for once i agree with you 14.Oct.2002 03:51

atomic frog

trilox for once i agree with you
trilox for once i agree with you

CNN = propoganda 14.Oct.2002 10:19


CNN , ABC, NBC, NPR, et al all have less credibility then Kavkaz and essentially propogate disinformation.

Which set of liars do you trust more?