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October 15th is the deadline for you to drastically change oregon.
As fucked up as the entire world is, there is a reason you live in Oregon. things are a little bit different here, a little less fucked up in some ways. Dont let this die.
In a few weeks, we can vote to have all genetically modifies foods labeled-many say this will be the beginning of the end of GMOs. Monsanto is investing 6 million to defeat this-we can easily beat monsanto-legally!!! REGISTER BY OCT 15TH AND VOTE!!!

go to that website and print and mail your form by tuesday oct 15th. or go doiwn to the office listed for your county. it takes 3 minutes-for real.

In the same election, we can vote to create a statewide healthcare system-that means you and everyone you know in Oergon will have health insurance. The insurance mega-corps/companies are investing millions to defeal this-we can beat them-legally!!! this is some socialist shit!--its good!!! REGISTER BY OCT 15th AND VOTE!!

THIS SHIT IS NO JOKE. If we are talking about a call to action, a demo, this is the real deal. Dont stop whatever else you are doing, but do this too. and please pass it on and get your friends to register too.

Im not sure if this will get any coverage on indymedia, but honestly, its a shame that there isnt a permanent link to voting info and resources. Those in power have set things up so that people like you(those who want change) feel disenfranchised and wont think voting does anything. This is how they stay in power. This is why they try to take prisoners and minorities off the voting rolls.

ps. there is also a republican running for governor of Oregon and for senator. Is their a differences between the two parties? who knows, but we found out the hard way that one of them really sucks in the white house didnt we?

homepage: homepage: http://www.sos.state.or.us/elections/other.info/vreg.htm

I'll tell you something... 13.Oct.2002 23:13


I'll vote yes on 27 because I don't want scorpion venom genes in my potatoes but I sure as hell don't want to pay for everyones medical problems and start socialist medical care in Oregon. I mean c'mon, why is it my problem if someone treated their body like shit all their life and now I'm supposed to pay for it? Fuck that shit...

well Trilox 14.Oct.2002 01:07


You raise a good point. Why, indeed, should you have to pay medical coverage for somebody who abused their body their whole life? My take on it is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that socialist medicine in many other countries seems to be far superior to America in prevention.

But beyond that, we *already* pay higher premiums to take care of those who DO have insurance who abuse their bodies. So how is that an argument against socialist health care, as opposed to giving health care to those who essentially "earned their ill health"?

Anybody else want to chip in some discussion here? I think Trilox asks a good question.

Science 14.Oct.2002 04:31

as just one way but a good way to answer qns

Epidemiologists make it really clear that the uninsured cost us all way more per capita than the insured. How? Well, they just don't go off and die. They go to emergency rooms far far after normal care much less preventive care can be effective. They also through lack of education or shear honest lack-of-funds don't take advantage of low-cost prenatal care - and honey, that shit will cost all of us. Once all this preventive stuff is missed, they because of their infirmities (and yeah, we're talking science here -- environmental asthma, abuse, stress, awful food, just the basics of being poor would fuck up your ability to live and work too) are more likely to lose a job or reasonably enough, go on disability; also one would have trouble teaching their child the basics of good citizenry, etc. Besides, we're mostly talking kids with the uninsured.

For economic reasons especially, it makes sense to support better general health care for the populace.

Dear Mr. Trilox...our taxes pay for it 14.Oct.2002 09:40


The infrastructure of the healthcare services system as we know it today was already created by OUR taxes. The hospitals were built with tax monies. The nurses and doctors were trained with tax money. The research to create the drugs we pay and pay and pay for was paied for by OUR tax dollars. Yes, it is true. Most of the Hospitals in America were built after WWII. There was this very controverisal program...a real SOCIALIST deal...called the NEW Deal. It combined the resources of Americans to build roads, highways, bridges, hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, radio stations...you name it. So that means you live off the gifts of the taxpayers...but you don't want to contribute. And healthcare...it sickens me that these medical groups, hospital groups and drug makers use OUR tax dollars to pay for OUR services which they then pay themselves millions of dollars and provide less and less. On top of that they refuse to treat people who don't have insurance. They LET people die. The prices are going up. 12% rise in premiums just last year. Doctors, nurses, drug makers, insurance companies throw a tantrum if they can't get the price they want and will only treat those who will pay whatever they ask. What a scam! And we just keep paying and paying. Americans are just sooooo foolish. We let the propaganda about SOCIALISM (much like the COMMUNISM Red scare) control our emotions, block our intelligence and let ourselves be taken for everything we have. We have even been losing our lives by the thousands because we are afraid to combine our resources for the good of the country. Shame on us!

NESARA 14.Oct.2002 10:16

Wayne Blanchard wayne_rb@hotmail.com

Please watch for the true NESARA law announcement which will change America forever. Gone will be the Bush Cartel, federal reserve, IRS and the threat of wars/terrorism. The announcement will be on National TV.....we may witness Bush, Cheney and their gang of thugs being arrested and hauled away. Good riddance to one of the most oppressive Dictatorships in recent times. America needs LIBERTY and sane government, pronto!! For detailed information, please log onto: www.fourwinds10.com Keep the Faith. Kind Regards, Wayne Blanchard, Sui Juris

Waynesboro, Virginia Republic, u.S.A.

A Case Against Labeling 14.Oct.2002 14:51

CMC print forloveoflife76@hotmail.com

See the link below for a repost of the excellent essay by the Bioengineering Action Network opposing the movement to label.