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9.11 investigation

The vice president blocks an independent commission to 9 11 investigation

Dick Cheney played a behind-the-scenes role last week in derailing an agreement to create an independent commission
to investigate the 9-11 attacks. Last month the White House endorsed the formation of the panel. But on Thursday, hours
after congressional negotiators hailed a final deal over the scope and powers of a 9-11 panel, Cheney called House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Porter Goss, sources told NEWSWEEK.
The full story below was on todays WWw.msnbc.com site but was pulled within hours.

LATER THAT DAY Goss told a closed-door conference
committee he couldn't accept the deal, citing instructions from
"above my pay grade," sources say. Goss later said he was
referring to other House leaders, not Cheney. Goss wouldn't
discuss his call from the VP but said it wasn't the "determining
factor" in his stand.
Cheney's office said the VP's only instruction to Goss was
to "keep negotiating," and Bushies insist they still hope to hammer
out a new deal before Congress goes home this week. One
obstacle: subpoena power. Last week's proposed deal would
allow any five members of the 10-member panel to subpoena
documents, including internal White House intelligence briefs. But
White House officials say this would allow congressional
Democrats—who will control half the appointees—to "politicize"
the commission. Cheney strongly opposes the idea of any
independent body's poking into the White House's conduct. He
has repeatedly objected to efforts by a separate
joint-intelligence-committee inquiry to obtain documents and
interview key witnesses, including an FBI informant who lived
with two of the 9-11 hijackers. Bush officials insist the VP's stand
is based on "principle," not fear of embarrassments. Even some
congressional critics tend to agree. "There's just this general
philosophical orientation that the less the world knows, the
better," says one GOP staffer.
—Michael Isikoff and Tamara Lipper
The clock is ticking 14.Oct.2002 00:37

Lazy Faire

Again, with each passing day and month, the lie covers less of the hidden truth:
Those who gained from 9/11
are those with the power to control the events
are those who hide the truth.

Those who kill and enjoin others to join in killing hide the deeds of death abroad and at home alike.

Secrecy, you may say, is not proof of guilt. Yet it is surely evidence, ever stronger by the duration of the obscurity it creates.

What arrogance! 14.Oct.2002 07:15


'"the less the world knows, the
better," says one GOP staffer.' Better for who? We must ask who gains with no investigation. Chenney knows that IF all the warnings,(and remember we have never been told what Bush was briefed about on Aug.6 02} were made public at best they will be shown guilty of negilent homicide.

Disclaimer for BA & Co. 14.Oct.2002 07:35


I want to throw this out there before BA and friends says what leftist wackos we all are.
Then please tell us all why the Bush Administration does not want an investigation on the matter.
It is the truth when I say that MOST Americans want to know what happen. Plus if we could learn what went wrong wouldn't that help stop further terror attacks? Is your buddy Bush\Cheny not interested in educating the people that he serves? Hey I don't care how much $$ it will take to find out, Because if we don't it could cost a lot more than some $$$.
BA & Co. I threw this one out here for you folks because I truly would like to here a different perspective on this matter as I try to come to grips with it.!!

Without accountability the system breaks down 14.Oct.2002 09:34

Bill & Edna Townsand

Regardless of who actually attacked the U.S. on 9-11, we have to hold accountable public servants who are entrusted to defend our country. They failed us. They should be fired.

If your city hired a new fire chief and he sat on his ass while the city burned down and then responded, "well, I wasn't expecting such a big fire, and some fire engines were in the shop for maintenance" could you then be expected to give him a promotion, increase the fire department budget, and also put the fire chief in charge of the city police?

Cheney and 911 15.Apr.2004 09:56


Cheney and Daddy Bush in war room watching planes approaching WTC without acting. See 911dossier.co.uk under Key Articles , entitled " 2003/4 commission on why planes were not scrambled ". Traitors.