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huh? biodeisil "huh"
I'm trying to establish credit for a home loan and have been told a good way to do this is get a loan for a vehicle. I already have a work truck, and I'm thinking I'll sell it and get a deisil vehicle. That I will convert to bio-deisil. I've heard that there is a bio-deisil collective here in town. Does anybody have thier phone number?
Check out the calendar 13.Oct.2002 22:40

Didn't see a number

Portland Biodiesel Co-op
8:00pm Thursday 17 October
Contact: Brian Jamison
Portland Biodiesel Co-op

Go a step farther 14.Oct.2002 17:24

want to breath clean air.

Go a step futher-check out www.biofuels.ca

Here you can find information about systems that convert a diesel motor to burn veggie oil.It is simple,affordable,and you can get used oil free.The oil does not require a refinement process like bio-diesel,only straining.My friend converted his vehicle,drove across country with no problems,and it is very clean burning.With this system you can burn diesel,biodiesel,or regular diesel if you run out of the good stuff.