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Tree-sit in Eugene protests city's treatment of homeless

Homeless put up tree-sit in Eugene downtown
Homeless activists in eugene are occupying a tree-sit in the park blocks downtown to call attention to the city's treatment of homeless people and their refusal to do anything about the widespread problem. They are demanding a safe place for the homeless population to sleep,and are using this tree-sit to call attention to the problem.

From the Eugene Register Guard sunday edition:

Tree sitter protests city's camping ban

A tree sitter perched on a platform about 40 feet up a cedar tree in downtown Eugene on Saturday to protest the city's ban on camping in public places.

A man calling himself Traveler said he will stay put until the camping ban is lifted and a legal campsite is created. The tree is located in the Park Blocks at Eighth Avenue and Oak Street, near where the Saturday Market is held.

Earlier in the day during Saturday Market hours, the man used a bullhorn to voice his complaints.

As temperatures dropped Saturday night, Eugene police said they had no plans to arrest the sitter but expected the cold to bring him down.

Homeless people have been rallying for more than a month at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza to protest the lack of legal camping spaces for the homeless. The rallies began Sept. 4 after people began being rousted from illegal camps along the Willamette River.

Two advocates for the homeless were arrested Tuesday when a group of protesters occupied a hallway in front of the sheriff's office in the basement of the Lane County Courthouse.
indy coverage please! 13.Oct.2002 21:48

hates corporate media

hey eugene indymedia folks -- can we have some non-corporate coverage of this please? photos, a text blurb, anything? this is our brother up there in the tree! let's hear some news from the family about him!