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I posted this earlier in reponse to Dick Deckard's "The Anti-War Herd.......' post but I do not want it to get buried and not read by all. I imagine that it will get responses from all the site trolls, and if I'm not already on it, get me on the JTTF's watch list. Am I in fear, NO! No one whould be afraid to rise up and yell "NO, NOT IN MY NAME" AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS! It is a sad day when those that question our government's actions, based on lies and deceptions, are branded "domestic terrorists".
Military History? Dick, you have to be kidding, that is on the same level as Military Intelligence... ... ... .
I normally don't waste my time replying to trolls' cut-and-paste right-wing rag articles whose only purpose is to take up space on the server, but this time I will.

How about this for "military history", which you will only get truthfully from a soldier who was an eye-witness, reported on sites like this, as it has never been allowed to be published and distributed in print.

I am extremely ashamed that it took me so long to wake up in the '70's after I had already been a peace activist for over 6 years. I was notified by the FBI that I had been drafted in April '72 with my lottery # 7 (not my lucky #) while working as a cook in N. Cal. I accepted the bus ticket for the next mornings' ride to the L.A. AFFES station induction into the Army, rather than go to jail. I was assigned to Ft. Carson,Co. after basic training in an experimental O.J.T. and soon became an "acting Sgt." Tank Commander/Section Sgt. in a just-back-from-'Nam Cavalry unit. The Sheridan Tank was to me a big -boy's toy; fast lots of noise and dust, firing laser-guided Shillelagh missiles. I was not allowed, along with the other 2 Native Americans, to go to the aid of the National Guard at Wounded Knee in Feb 1973, yes the Army was there, not just National Guard, again, not in your history books. I guess that they were afraid that we might "go renegade", seize an APC and drive it over to the "bad guys", our brothers. After a year, I volunteered for jump school, going through Ft. Benning training with the first 2 WACS, who became parachute packers in 18th Airborne Corps and I went to 4/68th Armor Battalion, where I stayed for another year, still enjoying the "game-playing", the hearing-loss-causing months in the field and the good drugs that are always so easy to get around any military base in the world. Then, still blind to the reality of WAR, I re-enlisted in order to go to Korea, always having been interested in the Orient, having grown up in a Japanese neighborhood in S. Cal. This is where I finally woke up.
I had been "playing the game" real well, became the unit's ( A Troop, 4/7th Cav) NBC NCO ( Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Non-Commissioned Officer) with a Top-Secret Crypto Security Clearance, ( my past membership in "bad organizations" was not found by Military Intelligence). It was all still a game, even better drugs made available by the N. Korean drug dealers that openly operated around our base near the DMZ until the Summer of '75.


Again, Dick, you will not find this in any of your history books, nor will you be able to get any information on it from a Freedom Of Information Act request.
An American Officer was attacked by a N. Korean soldier at Panmunjom, which is where the Cease-fire was signed during the Korean WAR (sometimes called a Police Action), the N. Korean guard using an axe to wound the U.S. Officer, who died in the Medivac. A red-alert was declared by the President, our unit went to our alert site on the Imjin River and was soon greeted by thousands of N. Koreans on the other side. We were fully armed with live ammo, our mission: delay the North Korean Army as long as possible, in order to allow the evacuation of Seoul. The mountain passes behind us were mined to fill them in with huge hexagonal blocks of hardened concrete at the first sign of crossing, trapping us and preventing any passage except on foot. Have you ever been looking down the barrel of a gun, contemplating the killing of another in order to save your own life? That is when a "special weapon" was unloaded next to our Mortar Unit's modified APC with a 4.2" mortar in the back. It was a modified W-45 LITTLE JOHN 1KT TACTICAL NUCLEAR DEVICE. This was a small 1KT bomb, of which there were a total of at least 1700 manufactured, of varying yield, this one modified to be launched a few thousand meters by a Mortar. Obviously, we didn't have to use it, after a few days everyone went home. The only result, I WOKE UP.

I went back to the States in '76, Ft. Hood, Tx., got 2nd-3rd degree burns on my right leg from a cooling system failure on my tank, denied pain medication stronger than aspirin when they debreeded the dead skin and muscle from my leg for a week in the hospital, testified at a courts-martial in defense of 2 of my men, who were cleared of trumped-up charges and their accuser, our Platoon Sgt. re-assigned. I ended my military career in Oct '78, barred from re-enlistment and denied participation in the National Guard, but still with an Honorable Discharge.

Now that is military History... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

What do you think our pResident's response will be if his dad gave Saddam, when he was still "our friend" any of the Little Johns, supposedly "retired" in '78, for use in last-resort delaying actions? Who knows what weapons we have given to "freedom-fighters" in the Middle-East, now known as terrorists; after all, Bin Laden was given Shoulder-fired, Surface-to-Air missles to use againt the Russians, did he use one to shoot down the PanAM Lockerbie, Scotland Crash? Does anybody know what it means to "retire" a tactical Nuclear device? Are they given a all-expese-paid vacation to the Middle-east?
Will this give any of you pause to consider calling your Senator/Representative/pResident, demanding that a little bit more "real research" be done before invading Iraq ?

Oh, Dick, might I call you "Dirty Dick", which is what we so fondly used to call Dick Nixon ?

In Peace,
Sun Tzu has spoken 13.Oct.2002 14:22


Sun Tzu has spoken, let the word go forth...

those tactical nukes are the main reason you are alive today. NKA knew you had them and didn't want to be incenerated.

I'm alive today 13.Oct.2002 14:56


my grandparents marched and lobbied for workers rights, and then my parents were unionized workers with enough paid vacation to go on honeymoon and fuck.

But testing those tactical nukes left fallout that made me sterile, so I'll have to adopt.

Liberals have been marginalized 13.Oct.2002 15:31


What's so sad about this is the anti-American rhetoric when we're in the midst of a war on terror.

Some things the US citizens should never forget: After the 1993 World Trade
Center bombing, which killed six and injured 1,000; President Clinton
promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

After the 1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed five U.S. military
personnel; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and

After the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 and
injured 200 U.S. military personnel; Clinton promised that those responsible
would be hunted down and punished.

After the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, which killed 224 and
injured 5,000; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down
and punished.

After the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 and injured 39 U.S.
sailors; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and

Maybe if Clinton had kept his promise, an estimated 4,000 people in New York
and Washington, D.C. that are now dead would be alive today.

GW Bush has the balls to take action and get the job done. As Exhibit A I give you Afghanistan and Hamid Karzai.

Clinton talked a good game and did nothing. That's because he was and is a phony through and through. GW Bush is a leader and a man of his word. It's the biggest upgrade in Presidential history.

GW is a coke-addled puppet 13.Oct.2002 16:22


who wouldn't even know how to spell integrity if he cared enough to try to look it up.

GWB 13.Oct.2002 16:43


BA needs to look at the facts. If words have nothing to back them up then they are just hot air. Nothing. And that's what GWB is, nothing. He's a gutless punk from way back and that's all he'll ever be. He's left everything he has ever put hand to ruined and bankrupt and that's the way he'll leave us. And all that bullshit in world won't change that.

Let me ask you this: Are things now better, or are they worse then they were under Clinton? For once dredge up the guts to answer that honestly. Then off to FOX NEWS with you. GWB has no fans here.

. 13.Oct.2002 17:31



Clinton, our hero... 13.Oct.2002 17:39

Fat-White-Republican(millions more like me)


GW is my friend. If you didn't know that ill-bred Arkansas Hillbilly's word was dirt during the primary in 1992, they you were walking around without a clue. He beached the US economy on the reef while he was in his private quarters with god knows who doing god knows what, and then abandoned ship while he should have been doing his job.
That is basically what he is and will be remembered for. "I didn't have sex with that woman". 100 years from now Clinton will be remembered as fondly as Rutherford B. Hayes is today (a virtual nobody), but with one exception. He will have an (I) next to his name like Andrew Johnson does. And every school kid will know he was impeached...

Sorry about your condition causing you to adopt. We all have our cold war wounds. Personally my hearing is shot from years of live fire exercises, and I was force to roll and crawl in the dirt at what is now a superfund clean up site (Weldon Spring Mo.)

But, I would do it all again if necessary... . No regrets...

BA on GWB 13.Oct.2002 17:49


"GW Bush has the balls to take action and get the job done."

yeah, like being AWOL from military service 1972-1974.

BA is BS 13.Oct.2002 17:51

my name

According to the 'stats' listed in BA's response, there is 4271 dead in 10 years. How many people on 'the other side' were killed by American Militarism in that time? An exponential factor.

Not enough 13.Oct.2002 17:54


not near enough...

BA 13.Oct.2002 23:16


You still haven't defined Anti-American. A story about a close encounter with tac-nukes bringing home the seriousness of warfare wouldn't seem to have anything to do with loyalties. Those of us who admire Hitler don't believe that opposition to one loony politician equals hatred of a whole country.

As for your laundry list of never completed payback, I could make a similar list for Reagan/Bush I. Remember all those little maries blown up in Beirut?

The war in Afghanistan is NOT Dubya's payback for 911. Remember, the plans were on Condi's desk 9/6, and they closely resembled the plans handed to the transition team by those old warmongers ... the Clinton administration.

..but of course your ideology suffices to disprove reality.

location of post this one refers to 13.Oct.2002 23:24

pdx indy editorial volunteer

Dick Deckard's "The Anti-War Herd.......' post at  http://portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=26409&group=webcast has been placed in the compost bin at  http://portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=26373&group=webcast

Real military history? 14.Oct.2002 08:28

Born at night, but not LAST night

Robin stated:

"Again, Dick, you will not find this in any of your history books, nor will you be able to get any information on it from a Freedom Of Information Act request.

An American Officer was attacked by a N. Korean soldier at Panmunjom, which is where the Cease-fire was signed during the Korean WAR (sometimes called a Police Action), the N. Korean guard using an axe to wound the U.S. Officer, who died in the Medivac"

There was indeed an attack by a North Korean (several in-fact) with an axe. However, the attack ocurred in 1976- not 1975 as claimed by Robin.

"On 18 August 1976 a Korean work force was escorted by CPT Bonifas(US Army) and 1LT Barrett (US Army) to trim a large poplar tree. The UNC force on 18 August 1976 consisted of the two US officers, an Republic of Korea officer and eight UNC guards escorting the workforce.

The Korean People's Army from the North told them to cease activity. When the commanding officer, Captain Bonifas, ordered work to resume, thirty North Korean soldiers who silently watched were ordered "mikunulchi ki cha" ["kill the US soldiers"]. The North Koreans, armed with the work detail's axes and metal picks, outnumbered the soldiers.

CPT Bonifas was the first killed, attacked from behind by five. A Corporal saw the attack from a nearby three-story pagoda and recorded the murders with a movie camera. The attack ended as soon as it began, with the two US officers were killed and the nine guards UNC guards injured.

After a mobilization on both sides, and despite Henry Kissinger's apparent desire to bomb the North, President Ford ultimately decided the appropriate response would be to chop down the tree.

On the morning of 21 August 1976 a joint mission involving ROK and UN-supported American troops felled the tree. The poplar tree was removed entirely and a small monument was placed with the names of those killed and injured.

Under OPERATION PAUL BUNYAN this action was backed up by an armed platoon, 27 helicopters, and a number of B-52 bombers flying along the DMZ. The North Koreans held their fire, and within an hour the operation was complete."

There was no such weapon as a "W-45 Little John". A "W-45" describes a tactical nuclear warhead. "Little John" was a trailerable missile 14.5 feet long and 12.5 inches in diameter.

The "W-45" weighed a minimum of 150 lbs. (500,000T yeild) up to 350 lbs. I believe the 1kt warhead weighed in at about 200 lbs. The warhead was approximately 11.5 inches in diameter and 27 inches long.

The 4.2 in mortar (M-2) referred to by Robin had a maximum range (depending upon munition used) of roughly 4000 yards when using "light HE" rounds. "Heavy HE" rounds reduced this range greatly. The weight of these "Heavy HE" rounds was approximatly 24 lbs.

Tell me Robin, what "modifications" would allow this 4.2" mortar to launch a minimum 150 lb. warhead that was 12.5 inches in diameter and 27 inches long at least 5000 yards (still not far enough) and NOT blow the mortar apart???

I really don't expect an answer, since as you claimed, you were in the U.S. in 1976. If you want to make a point- try telling the truth.

Oh, by the way 14.Oct.2002 08:39

Born at night, but not last night

Thought you might want to modify your claim.

The "W-45" warhead was "retired" from the weapons inventory in July of 1967!

The "Little John" missile was deployed in December 1961 and was withdrawn from the US military inventory in August 1969!!