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zoobomb like your ,life depends on it

you better ask somebody
Sunday sunday sunday it is the all festive all party all welcoming bike parade phenomonom that is sweeping this sleepy northwest hamlet known as PTL. that darn zoobomb. and you my friend are invited . will you heed the call or will you just sit there and wait til it gets too big and then say it used to be cool but now it is over blown. come see what main stream media outlets such as street roots and one speed revolution are heralding as the spititual movement of the decade. what is it all about you say? it is all about riding a bike down a hill......and so much more. tonight there is a chance of the largest hilltop hide and go seek game in PTL history. when they ask where were you when it was going down what will you say???

homepage: homepage: http://www.zoobomb.org

dtasdAOSUDHFI3409 13.Oct.2002 14:21



huh? 13.Oct.2002 19:13


It might help if you would explain what this is. The web site doesn't explain anything.

what it is, home-slice! 14.Oct.2002 03:46


Zoobomb = Holy union of flesh and steel racing down the treacherous Eastern slope of Mount Zoo. Zipper = Holy symbol of unification of a purpose. That purpose: To zip it all up. Zoobombz + Zippers = Holy union of flesh and steel racing down the treacherous eastern slope of Mount Zoo with a unified purpose that includes but is not limited to zipping it all up. Zipperistas of the world untie! er, that is, uhh...Unite! ZZZZZZZZ---OOOO----OOOO---BBBB----OOOO----MM--MM---BBBB---ZZZZZZZZ