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A Whisper

About possibilities
There is a whisper of what we could become
There is a whisper of what we could become
As a nation that whisper is a dangerous one.
Freedom's just another word for... 13.Oct.2002 15:27

whatcanBrownDoForYou ?

Bush : Did you hear something ?
Rumsfeld : What's that George ?
Bush : I think I heard somethin'...
Rumself : Relax. It's probably Dick's ticker. Every time he reads a newspaper he gets irregular.
Dick : (speaking via secure phone from the bunker) Did you guys say something ?
Bush : I distinctly heard some kinda whisper...
Rumsfeld : Maybe one of our daisy-cutters, relax Georgie...
Bush : I keep thinkin' I hear the distant roar of billions of human beings screaming in outrage. I kinda--
Dick : --Just calm it down there, boy. They have no idea we're lying. It's probably just the kids on TRL...
Bush : How would you know, Dick ? You're at the Earth's core reading no newspapers...
Rumsfeld : George are you worrying about the economy again ?
Bush : Dick, what's he talkin' about ?
Dick : ( silence from the bunker, then dial tone...)
Rumsfeld : I forgot, that word makes Dick reclusive. Fact is though George, we've got a world to destroy. This is
no time for auditory hallucinations. Have you been reading the constitution again ?
Bush : I think computation is vital to our interests at home, And abroad...But listen Don, I distinctly remember
Colin sayin' somethin about how sometimes bad lies have unintended consequences and he was worried
that the people of the world might be considerin' some kinda New World Order Smackdown--
Rumsfeld : Rubbish,Georgie...there's no such thing as a New World Order Smackdown...

(meanwhile :
Act One : wake up.
Act Two : get free.)...