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List of Experts on Islam, Islamism, and the M 13.Oct.2002 21:42


List of Experts

List of Experts on Islam, Islamism, and the Middle East
The following list of experts is provided to guide television and radio bookers, sponsors of lecture series, and others interested in booking knowledgeable specialists on Middle Eastern and Islamic issues.

The names are listed alphabetically, along with their areas of expertise and e-mail addresses.

Ziad Abdelnour
Lebanon, Middle East Christians, Hizbullah

Patrick Clawson
Iran, Middle East economics

Khalid Durán
Islam, Pakistan, Sudan, American Muslims
Director, Council on Middle Eastern Affairs
Contact through Benador Associates

John Eibner
Sudan, Slavery

Joseph Farah
Arab-Americans, Arab-Israeli conflict

Gary Gambill
Syria, Lebanon, Hizbullah

Martin Kramer
Islam, Middle East studies, Arab-Israel conflict

William Kristol
U.S. policy in the Middle East

Habib Malik
Lebanon, Middle East Christians, Hizbullah

Judith Miller
Militant Islam, Biological warfare

Daniel Pipes
Islam, Arab-Israel conflict, Syria, American Muslims

Michael Rubin
Iran, Iraq
Visiting Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
Contact through Benador Associates

Robert Satloff
Jordan, Arab-Israel conflict

Jonathan Schanzer
Palestinian politics, Militant Islam

Meyrav Wurmser
Arab-Israel conflict, Israeli politics
Director of the Center for Middle East Policy, Hudson Institute
Contact through Benador Associates